Friday, November 03, 2017

Roy Moore will bring more homophobia & hypocrisy to the Senate

Most likely,  the controversial former Alabama judge (he was kicked off of the bench twice) Roy Moore will be elected as the US Senator from Alabama due to a combination of the GOP putting party before country and Alabama citizens so programmed to vote Republican that they do it anyway even when they don't like the GOP choice. Taking that in mind, the following video courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign is what not just what the LGBTQ community will be getting, but also what America in general will be getting.  Enjoy it (or not).

Too bad Moore doesn't feel the same way about crooked money practices than he does about the LGBTQ community. Moore's philosophy seems to be "homosexuality is a sin, but questionable ways to get money isn't." But seeing who is in the Oval Office at the present, Moore's brand of evangelical plutocracy will fit in nicely.

Editor's note - I didn't publish this post to create despair so don't even start with the raging or wringing your hands in abject fear of what's coming. Knowing what could be coming is just the first step in  defeating it. The key to victory here will be not losing your head to fear or rage. It will be knowing what's coming, planning for it, and if necessary, using whatever you can to your advantage. In other words, Moore's fanaticism could be more of an asset than a liability to us.

'GOP tax plan would let pastors endorse candidates from the pulpit' & other Fri. midday news briefs

The GOP are about to reward the religious right for replacing Jesus with Trump.

Republicans' tax plan would let clergy endorse candidates from the pulpit - This would eventually be catastrophic for the church. And you know it would wreak havoc with the LGBTQ community. On one hand, with the religious right pushing heavily for this, we are gaining further proof of the power hungry face it hides. On the other, I am a religious person and I don't like churches being immersed in the ugly political world. This will lessen its credibility.

GOP lawmaker suggests repealing the Johnson Amendment isn’t really about ‘religious freedom’ - This is why they want to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

Battle Over Rights Inspires More Transgender Political Candidates - THIS is wonderful news - "Nearly 30 races in the 2017-18 U.S. election cycle already have a transgender candidate, up from 13 in 2015-16, according to Harvard researcher Logan Casey." You see, that's how progress begins. These candidates understand that it's about more than academic terms in your circle, group-shaming of people not being "correct" or useless public displays garnered to simply get attention. 

 Virginia Legislator Says Trans Opponent Defies ‘Laws Of Nature’ At A ‘Fundamental Level’ - BUT it's not without struggle. No struggle, no progress. 

This Short Film Hilariously Examines Dangerous Expectations Of Masculinity Among Gay Men - THANK YOU!