Friday, January 18, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence is offended at controversy over wife's choice of teaching at anti-LGBTQ school

Remember that time that Mike Pence lied about an anti-LGBQ 'religious freedom' bill he signed when Indiana's governor?

Editor's note - In light of the new developments regarding the allegation that Trump told his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, we are slowly moving to a reality which will no longer see Trump in the White House. With that in mind, this controversy about 2nd Lady Karen's Pence's decision to teach at an anti-LGBTQ school takes on new relevance. As does VP Mike Pence's defense of it. It would  serve the LGBTQ community well to pay attention to matters and make our voices be heard. The possibility of a Pence Administration would be disastrous for us.

Vice President Says Outrage Over Wife Karen Pence’s Discriminatory School Is ‘Offensive’ - Pence attempts to defend his wife's homophobia by turning the issue. Let's be clear about something if we have to say it repeatedly:

The 2nd Lady of the United States has no damn business associating herself with a restricted school. She can do it when she is a private citizen, not when she's Second Lady.

But just like the point I made last night in the post about the Family Research Council defending Pence - homophobes will defend homophobes.

And in the case of Pence, if he wants to talk offensive, how about

when he lied about an anti-LGBTQ religious liberty bill he signed when he was Indiana's governor (highlighted by the above picture)

or when he would not give a definite answer when asked about how he felt about anti-LGBTQ discrimination:

Or the repeated times he has attacked, denigrated, and smeared the LGBTQ community.

Behind Pence's fake smile and non-assuming "Christian" manner beats the heart of man who has made a career out of belittling the LGBTQ community and jeopardizing our rights and safety. So of course he is going to defend his wife when she does the same thing.The bright side in all of this is the spotlight we now have to showcase his dirty hands. And the worst thing a homophobe can do is give us LGBTQ folks even a little bit of spotlight because we know how it use it.

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