Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Eleven schools received bomb threats and harassment after smeared as 'child groomers' by Libs of TikTok

Chaya Raichik, founder of Libs of TikTok doesn't care that schools and hospitals are being targeted with bomb threats after she falsely portrayed them as pedophiles and groomers.

First children's hospitals, now schools. 

The smearing of LGBTQ people and our allies as "child groomers" has been very successful for Libs of Tik Tok and its founder Chaya Raichik. And it's putting hospitals and schools in danger. 

According to an article at VICE, 11 school districts and schools have been the victims of bomb threats and harassment after they were targeted by Libs of Tik Tok, including:

Western Heights ISD in Oklahoma City was targeted in three Libs of TikTok posts between September 9 and 14. During that time frame, Oklahoma’s state superintendent of education posted a photo with Raichik, and praised her as doing “more for transparency and accountability in schools than most elected officeholders.” An elementary school in Western Heights ISD received a bomb threat on September 15. 

 Witchcraft Heights Elementary School in Salem, Massachusetts, was targeted in a Libs of TikTok post on September 12. The school received emailed bomb threats on September 15, 19, and 21, prompting evacuations. Salem Police Captain John Burke told local news that all three emails “followed a similar MO” and his agency was working with state and federal agencies to investigate the threats. 

 Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota was targeted in Libs of TikTok posts on September 13 and 14. They received a bomb threat by email on September 15. The district’s director of communications Jim Skelly told VICE News that it was unusual for the district to receive threats directly by email such as this one.” This was the second direct threat that the district, which is Minnesota’s largest, received in the last two years. More commonplace threats usually come from students or are made via social media, and are quickly processed as “non-credible” by law enforcement, said Skelly. 

 Red Oak School, an elementary school in a suburb of Chicago, was featured in a Libs of TikTok post on September 15. The elementary school received three threats over the course of four days. Children were evacuated from the school following the first two threats. A spokesperson for the North Shore School District, which encompasses Red Oak, told VICE News that the last time the school district received a bomb threat was 25 years ago. 

Davis Joint ISD in California was targeted in two separate Libs of TikTok posts on September 19 and 22, and received bomb threats on September 20 and September 25. On both occasions, the threats indicated that bombs had been placed at the homes of school district officials and in certain schools in the district. The threats caused both schools to delay start times so police could search for possible explosive devices. 


Some of those who were targeted by Libs of TikTok in September who didn’t receive bomb threats instead reported vicious harassment, doxxing, and intimidation. Erika, a school bus driver in the Pittsburgh area, told VICE News that her life was turned upside down when a screenshot from her private Facebook account made its way to Libs of TikTok. The post showed a sheet of stickers she’d ordered, which included Pride flags and innocuous slogans like “all humans are beautiful,” “this is a safe space,” and “love always wins” in rainbow font. “I got new stickers!” Erika wrote in the Facebook post, adding a smiley face emoji. “Gonna get some magnet sheets so I can turn ‘em into magnets and put them in my bus!”

 . . . Within 24 hours of that post going up, Erika was swarmed by online harassment. A friend informed her she was on an account called Libs of TikTok, which she’d never heard of. When she found the posting, Erika said she was shocked to see it had almost 800 comments underneath it, calling her a groomer, saying she should be fired, and that she was a perfect example for why children should be homeschooled.



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