Monday, August 15, 2016

Anti-lgbt hate group extends to next generation of vile leadership

When it comes to the anti-lgbt hate group the American Family Association and its leaders, Donald Wildmon and his son Tim Wildmon, it's sadly easy to see how lying about the lgbt community becomes a family business.

Unfortunately, that extends to a new generation, Walker Wildmon, the son of Tim. He sent the following nonsense via twitter:

The Wildmons prove that those of us dedicated to lgbt equality and safety must not slack off in our fight. We would like to think that the day will come when hypocrites and homophobes like this family aren't attempting to defame us, but I doubt there will be a day when we are completely free from lies told in the name of God trumpeted by those who have no shame in telling them.

But that doesn't mean we should stop fighting.  Nor does it mean we should yield and allow them to steal the narrative. The rainbow belongs to us because we, just like heterosexuals, are as God has made us.

And marriage belongs to us because we earned it.

And little Mr. Wildmon nor anyone else can take either away from us.

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'Trump, Pence demonstrate hypocrisy over lgbt equality, safety' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Trump claims to want to protect lgbts from terrorists.
But his vice presidential pick can't answer a simple question about equality

Trump To Float Ideological Test For Immigrants: Must Agree With Religious Freedom And LGBT Rights - Don't even TRY it, Trump. You may be fooling SOME folks, but this queen and so many others aren't fooled. You claim to want to protect us from ISIS, but what about the homophobes in America, particularly your vice presidential pick, Mike Pence. 

Pence gives non-answer on allowing anti-gay discrimination - Speaking of which, one would think Pence learned something from the meltdown regarding the "religious liberty" law in his state. 

 No, Marco Rubio Did Not Just Preach Tolerance For LGBT People - Speaking of folks trying to fool the lgbt community, very few of us is falling for Sen. Marco Rubio's fake mea culpa from last Friday.  

The Mainstreaming of Gay Culture - Wonderful article. For the record, however, I am very resentful when these type of discussions come up. I am a Southern black gay male, born and raised. I've never been to the Castro, nor any other places that some folks consider to be the lgbt meccas. I don't like lgbt history and culture being defined solely by those places and the folks who lived there or are there now. There should be more of an appreciation of our diversity.

 Poll: Young Americans overwhelmingly favor LGBT rights - I just looove the young folks. Now if we can get more of them to vote, particularly in mid-year elections.

Pastors suing for 'religious exemption' to ex-gay therapy ban

And yet another example of how "religious liberty" is being manipulated against the lgbt community. In this case, our lgbt kids could be put at risk.

From The Washington Post:

A group of Illinois pastors filed suit against the state Thursday, arguing that clergy should be exempt from a law banning counselors from trying to change a minor’s sexual orientation because it violates their constitutional right to free speech and exercise of religion.

The law, which went into effect in January, bans licensed counselors and mental health professionals from practicing “conversion therapy” — counseling designed to make gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer people become straight — on minors. While religious leaders don’t fall under this category, the suit says pastors could be held liable for consumer fraud under a section of the law that says “no person or entity” may advertise or practice conversion therapy that “represents homosexuality as a mental disease, disorder or illness.”

And that’s exactly what the five Christian pastors think, according to their lawsuit filed in federal court. “These pastors teach that homosexual conduct is contrary to God’s purpose for humanity and a disorder of God’s creation which can be resisted or overcome by those who seek to be faithful to God and His Word. This is what they say to those who seek their counsel — including minors,” according to the lawsuit, posted online by the law firm representing the pastors.

Supposedly these pastors don't want to change the law. They just want to be exempted from following it.

The idea that homosexuality is a sin is merely an opinion. However, the facts are that any therapy which attempts to alter sexual orientation can be detrimental and for that reason is opposed by several mainstream  health organizations such as the American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Medical Association.

Religious liberty entails the right to worship as one pleases. This does not and never should include subjecting children to harm by fraudulent medical practices.

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