Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Marco Rubio obviously thinks drag queens are more dangerous to children than gun violence

Sen. Marco Rubio won't support gun control legislation but drag queen reading to children gets him very angry.

In wake the school shooting in Uvalde, TX, several members of the GOP have been hemming and hawing about why they still don't support comprehensive gun control legislation. Florida Sen Marco Rubio is no different.

 According to Mediaite, Rubio had this to say on March 25: 

CNN’s Manu Raju talked with Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio about gun control on Wednesday in the wake of the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, asking about background checks and specific weapons bans. 

 “I caught up with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican whose state witnessed that Parkland massacre at the high school just a few years, four years ago, and I asked him whether or not he would support expanding background checks,” said Raju to introduce the clip on CNN. “He made clear he is not on board with that approach.” 

 In the clip Raju asked Rubio, “Why not just expand background checks to take more commercial sales? Even if it doesn’t prevent every tragedy, it could surely prevent some, right?” “No, every commercial sale requires a background check,” objected Rubio. “Gun shows and internet?” interjected Raju. “There hasn’t been a single of these mass shootings that have been purchased at a gun show or on the internet,” said Rubio. 

“So if people want a deal, we can have that debate. But don’t link it to these horrible events because they would have nothing to do with it.” 

 “Okay, but what about getting rid of AR-15s?” asked Raju. “Why are these semiautomatic rifles necessary?” 

 “No, if people want to talk about banning specific guns, they should propose that, but it wouldn’t prevent these shootings,” answered Rubio.

On the next day, Rubio got called out for accusing the NBA of  'politicizing' the shooting.  He did this after Miami Heat announcer Michael Baiamonte called for a moment of silence and afterwards, asking the audience to calling their lawmakers and press for gun control legislation.

Fast forward to May 31:

Since the Daily Wire article is behind a firewall, I looked up another source for what was going on. It wasn't difficult to find since conservative publications generally trade content.

Family Research Council tries - and fails - to gaslight about Pride Month


Just in time for Pride Month, anti-LGBTQ hate group the Family Research Council has launched a new digital media outlet called The Washington Stand.

And of course one of the first article is a serious gaslight about Pride Month entitled After Disney, Will CEOs think Twice about Pride Month:

It might seem like every other June 1, but inside corporate board rooms, this Pride Month feels different. Companies aren’t coasting into this rainbow bonanza like past years — empowered and carefree. They’re looking in the rearview mirror at a 2022 that’s been anything but kind to their CEOs’ woke causes. After the uprising against Disney, State Farm, Starbucks, and Target, the question on most businesses’ minds has to be: Will Pride come before the profits fall? 

 For most Americans, even the sympathetic ones, June comes with its share of irritation. You can’t log on to social media, shop for groceries, turn on the TV, or even buy a Crunchwrap Supreme without being hit over the head with LGBT propaganda. At the San Antonio Zoo, there’s a drag show. At Taco Bell, there’s a drag brunch. At the Detroit Tigers, there’s free transgender surgery for kids if you support the right organizations at checkout. 

 . . .  Just this past month, a new poll by the Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group found that Americans have had it with companies wearing their agendas on their sleeves. People were asked, “How likely are you to stop using a product or service of a company that openly advocates for a political agenda you disagree with?” A landslide majority — 87% — said they were at least “somewhat likely” to stop using the product or service of the company in question. That’s about as close to consensus as it gets. Fifty-one percent took it a step farther, saying it was “very likely” they would look. 

 That seems to be the new narrative - that business are supposedly learning the hard way that Americans don't appreciate 'wokeism.'  It's a bunch of bunk. First of all, let's talk about that poll. I'd like to see just who was asked.  Both the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Actions are incredibly biased. Trafalgar is a conservative polling group who came into prominence because it predicted that Trump would win in 2016.  The Convention of States Actions is yet another far right group which demonizes transgender people and COVID lockdowns. And to top it off, the 'poll' was published in Breitbart, which is infamous for its biased, bigoted, and thoroughly inaccurate content. 

But the FRC article itself is a huge contradiction even without recognizing the bias in the poll it cited. In one paragraph, the author claims that there is a fatigue and uprising with things like Pride Month by citing links detailing conservative - and inaccurate  -  renditions of certain controversies. For example the one with Disney involving the 'Don't Say Gay' law which some have acknowledged didn't hurt Disney at all.

Then in the second paragraph, she lists a multitude of upcoming Pride events which we should be ashamed of. Seems to me that if there were truly a fatigue or uprising, these events wouldn't be taking place. So which is it?

 It really doesn't matter cause girlfriend didn't write her piece for accuracy.

She and FRC are attempting to create a narrative that somehow people are getting tired of  'wokeism' and Pride month and this is causing companies to become weary.  The truth is just the opposite. Disney,(which ironically is the focal point of the article)  Target, and a multitude of others are in fact attempting to cash in on Pride Month. 

That is an interesting - although some see it as unfortunate - side effect of companies recognizing LGBTQ people. They also recognize our influence and the power of our purse.  Companies see green in those rainbows during June and they aren't letting that go. 

Now the sincerity of all of this is an argument for another time, but any notion that companies or CEOs are fatigued with Pride month is ridiculous.  Simply ridiculous.

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