Monday, November 27, 2023

Chaya Raichik, Libs of TikTok upset that Fruit Loops are encouraging children to read

Seems to me that Chaya Raichik and Libs of TikTok is running out of material. They are leading a comical charge of conservatives on Twitter attacking Fruit Loops cereal for encouraging kids to read.

Froot Loops cereal boxes feature a promotion offering free access to a digital library focused on equality, diversity, and inclusion in Canada. The initiative, LOOP TOGETHER, was launched in collaboration with BGC Canada and Kids Can Press to foster discussions about diverse topics among families. The library includes books on various subjects such as gender, immigration, multiculturalism, and disability, with titles like Maggie’s Chopsticks, My City Speaks, and Razia’s Ray of Hope

This campaign has attracted criticism from conservative circles. Libs of TikTok recently expressed disapproval on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The account wrote, “Fruit Loops promotes free access to a digital library on their cereal boxes for kids. The library offers a range of books to teach kids themes of “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” @KelloggsUS wants to indoctrinate your children with breakfast cereal. Stop giving them your money!” 
Other conservative commentators criticized Kellogg’s for encouraging children and their families to engage with various literature. Some social media users have called for boycotting Kellogg’s, drawing parallels to previous boycotts against brands like Bud Light.

Gasp! How Fruit Loops encourage kids to read! The horror of it all!

 I fail to see the problem with what's being done here. When I was a child, we had the RIF library come to our schools and allow us to pick out a free book. There is no difference between that and what is being done now.

The story here shouldn't be about Fruit Loops, although its program should be celebrated and encouraged. The story here is about pathetic, bottom-feeding, rage-farming bigots who are desperate for constant engagement. It's becoming ridiculous how they are making even the most simplistic things - such as literacy encouragement - about conspiracy theories and sexual indoctrination. It's getting downright tiring. And annoying. People need to recognize how pathetic people like Chaya Raichik and entities like Libs of TikTok are. And laugh at them. Constantly.