Monday, November 12, 2012

NOM's 'victim for hire' calls Obama the 'Terrorist-in-Chief'

How did I miss this one? It seems that one of the National Organization for Marriage's "victims for hire" wasn't happy with Obama's re-election.

In fact, he called the President a terrorist. Equality Matters gives us the full story:

Damian Goddard – spokesperson for NOM’s Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance (ADA) – published a post on his blog chastising Americans considering moving to Canada as a result of President Obama’s reelection. In his November 8 post, Goddard urged conservatives to stay in America and fight against Obama, who he called “the Terrorist-in-Chief”:
[S]top your complaining.  Please.  For the love of God.
You live in the freest country ever known to mankind.  As the anthem states, America is the land of the free but freedom comes with bravery, not running and hiding.   Your job is to stay.  And fight.  For the battle is still ongoing.
You leave, the terrorists win.  And heck, isn’t that what the Terrorist-in-Chief wants, anyway?
For those who are not aware, Damian Goodard was a Canadian sportscaster who was let go from his job. Goodard claimed that it was because of a tweet he sent out against marriage equality. However, the company that fired him, Sportsnet, denied that this was the case.  The company said he was fired for personal matters which it will not reveal because of its policy to not talk about personnel matters to the press.

Since the time of his firing, Goodard has made a name for himself by teaming up with NOM as a supposed victim of marriage equality:

Goodard's vicious attack on President Obama is not surprising. Instead it rather fits in well with the hypocrisy that is NOM's Anti-Defamation Alliance.

I suppose Maggie Gallagher and company will now label Goodard a larger victim. After all, whatever happened to the good old days when one could label the president as a terrorist with impunity?

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'Uganda to pass homophobic law as Christmas gift?' and other Monday midday news briefs

Uganda to pass anti-gay law as 'Christmas gift'? - Stop the celebration. Looks like we've got work to do.  

NOM rounds out losing week by admitting intent to stir up international animus - Just in time for NOM to exploit international homophobia.  

How the Minnesota marriage amendment was defeated -- money, passion, allies - Read and take notes. We are going to need to do this again and again. 

 Veterans Day Highlights Persisting LGBT Inequities In The Military - Let's honor our veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms. ALL of our veterans. 

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Dan Savage dares Tony Perkins, Family Research Council to sue him

Say what you will about Dan Savage, he is doing what needs to be done here.  For too long, members of the lgbt community - especially those in positions of power - have dodged taking on the Family Research Council and all of the other anti-gay groups for whatever reason.

They seem to ignore the old adage that a good defense is always an offense. In other words, we tend to wait until Perkins and company call us out before engaging them in a discussion or, what I like to call, a much needed verbal war.

Our path to equality will not be shortened by ignoring FRC, NOM, or any of the other groups who deliberately peddle homophobic junk science. They are the roadblocks and sometimes you need to confront roadblocks without provocation with the expressed goal of knocking them out of the way.

Dan Savage is trying to do that here and it is my hope that others follow in his footsteps.

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