Tuesday, April 19, 2022

BUSTED! Online trolls caught making up false stories of parents 'forcing' their kids to be transgender

What a lovely day. First a far-right Twitter address which posted deceptive videos accusing LGBTQ people and our allies of being pedophiles got exposed.

Now this courtesy of  Reuters by way of  LGBTQNation:

A screenshot of a post on a Reddit channel is circulating online with comments purportedly from the parent of a transgender child who is forcibly giving their child hormones. However, the entire post is fabricated, and the channel has been shuttered by Reddit on the grounds it was aimed at promoting hatred of transgender people and spreading “hateful stereotypes.” 

 The fabricated screenshot shows a post on the subreddit “r/transparenttranskid”, allegedly from a transgender parent. The parent says they forcefully administered the female hormone estradiol to their child, who was purportedly transitioning, as their child did not want to take the drugs. 

 . . . However, there is no evidence that the post is an authentic account of events, and the “r/transparenttranskid” subreddit has since been removed. A conversation in an online forum on Aug. 6, 2021, revealed that users were planning to contribute false stories to the “r/transparenttranskid” subreddit here . 

 On the same forum, a user called “Funkyduffy” responded to a call to “snap up” the subreddit and fill it with fabricated stories by linking to the post about the forced administration of estradiol and pairing it with a GIF that reads: “I’m doing my part” here . 

 An archive of the subreddit shows the original poster of the alleged forced estradiol story was also called “Funkyduffy” (archive.ph/BojLr). The “r/transparenttranskid” subreddit was removed by Reddit for “generally violating the Reddit Rules”, a moderator on the platform said on Aug. 25, 2021 (here).  

“They were engaged in promoting hatred of transgender people, as well as targeted harassment,” they added.

LGBTQNation pointed how folks on the right not only believed these lies but also spread them online:

 . . .the stories still spread outside of Reddit to rightwingers who were all too willing to believe them. “This is fucking child abuse and I’ll die on this Hill,” wrote libertarian author Justin O’Donnell on Twitter, posting a picture of Funkyduffy’s fake story. He got almost 46,000 likes for it. Ian Miles Cheong – who has a history of posting misinformation about trans people online and even riling Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) up – shared the story with the words “Good parenting.”

That of course was the entire point of this madness - generating outrage even if you have to fake it.

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