Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black gay couple to marry after 20 year wait

I am SO SICK of how the National Organization for Marriage and other religious right groups play the black and gay community against one another.

When they do that, both communities get hurt. And like myself, who are in both communities, get hurt. The following clip of Steve Williams and Joe Pressley should be required viewing for anyone who plays NOM's ridiculous game of divide and conquer in the black and gay communities:

From the Grio article:

The Williams-Pressley marriage festivities will start when the men pick up their licenses on Monday and will conclude during a private ceremony, on Saturday, at a Italian restaurant in Harlem. The non-traditional African-American couple will host a non-traditional ceremony, witnessed by more than a hundred family and friends.

"It is not a formal affair, we want folks to be comfortable, we want them to come and have fun, its about fun and its about celebration," said Williams. "I think I am going to wear a blue blazer, a shirt and some slacks, and call it a day. It's a really simple ceremony."

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First youtube video footage of gay wedding in New York

The video is shaky but still history in the making. Congratulations to Kitty Lambert, Cheryle Ruddall and of the folks getting married in New York today:

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