Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Video - Fox News claims of 'woke mind virus' nothing more than sneaky way to be racist, homophobic

 "Wokeism" is the latest word used by conservatives and those on the right to voice to smear anything modern or progressive in the world, particularly all things involving the LGBTQ community and people of color. The above video from The Daily Show demonstrates how Fox News exploits the bigotry behind usage of the word to generate constant fear and  rage from its viewers. The way the network goes on and on about the 'woke mind virus' as if it's a contagion from that sci-fi show The Last of Us would be amusing if not for the real world consequences it produces for those of us the network targets. 

In reality, it's the newest way certain people can employ racist or homophobic tropes. Or in other words, the word "woke" is now the conservative way of  relaying the connotation of such slurs as 'ni@@er' and "fa@@ot" without actually saying the words.

 A coarser way of saying "reverse racism" or "homosexual lifestyle," if you will.

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