Thursday, July 28, 2011

GOP attacks Dan Savage and other Thursday afternoon news briefs

Editor's note - I won't be posting tomorrow morning because we are busy moving into a new apartment. I hope to resume posting by tomorrow afternoon.

GOP Denounces Dan Savage - Suddenly I feel sorry for the GOP.

NOMmers in their own words: Joe Grabowski edition - Here is some more of that "love" the National Organization for Marriage likes to claim that its supporters have.

Fox News Underreports Beginning Of New York Gay Weddings - Fox News telling a lie? We must be on planet Earth.

Rick Perry Tosses Tentherism Under The Bus To Placate Anti-Gay Hate Group
- I haven't seen someone do a moonwalk this good since the late Michael Jackson.

Kern: Real Hatred Comes From Gay Rights Advocates - Isn't Sally Kern hilarious?

Bachmann Dodges Question On Ex-Gay Therapy: My Clinics Are ‘Not Running For The Presidency’- If she thinks we are going avoid talking about her husband's lies, she is dreaming.

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Religious right not happy with Rick Perry and other Thursday midday news briefs

Bachmann Pal Bradlee Dean: Lawsuit Against Maddow Is About ‘Protecting’ Children From Homosexual Agenda - Why of course. It's his "won't someone think of the children!" defense.

Christianists Turn On Rick Perry - How dare Perry have a short (very short) moment of truth about marriage equality!

Vander Plaats Responds To ‘Faggot’ Joke Controversy: ‘We Speak The Truth And Love’ - All together now! Let's really hear it . . . BULL@!$^%!

Bryan Fischer Claims He Does Not Believe In "Imposing" His "Values" - Where the heck is that lightning.

O'Reilly: "Liberal Media" Is Attacking Christians To Promote "Secular Left Causes" Like Gay Marriage - Damn! Who told him our plans? Now we are going to have to go with Plan B.

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Anti-gay pastor Eddie Long's fifth accuser in lawsuit