Wednesday, February 03, 2016

What the religious right is scared to tell you about gay marriage referendums . . .

Today, I am beginning something new and necessary on my blog. Thanks to the efforts of many folks (myself included), it seems that anti-gay groups are relying less on junk and cherry-picked science and more on basic and anecdotal lies to smear the lgbt community and our right to equality. From time to time, I am going to feature some factual memes which are designed to combat their spin with the truth and get the conversation going. I would love some feedback.

And feel free to steal and place it anywhere:

'Survivors of the 1980s AIDS crisis tell their stories' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them - We have a responsibility to see that these folks are NEVER forgotten and a duty to make sure that such a ugly crisis never happens again.

Charlotte tries to ease tensions over LGBT protections - One wonderful way to ease tensions, establish a dialogue and refute all of the religious right myths, especially about the transgender community.  

Indiana gay rights bill is dead: 'We took a beating from all sides' - And deservedly so. NO ONE on either side wanted this bill.  

Ted Cruz Scares Me the Most - Join the club. It's growing immensely.  

Erick Erickson's New Book Warns The "Leftist-Homosexual Mafia Will Shut You Down" - Just a preview of another right-wing book full of lies and anecdotal (and false stories) about gays "persecuting" Christians. They are still working that "gays will force pastors to officiate gay weddings" lie. This is a battle of rhetoric so don't be blase or nonchalant. An unchallenged lie is easier to be taken as truth than a challenged lie.