Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Three misleading claims Republicans use to justify banning trans healthcare

Just like they spew lies about gays 'recruiting/grooming' children to justify censoring LGBTQ-oriented books and mentioning LGBTQ folks in classrooms, the religious right is following the same blueprint to justify their war against transgender kids. Such as what Texas Governor Gregg Abbott did on Wednesday in attempting to take steps to remove trans children from supportive parents.

According to The American Independent:

As part of their broader campaign attacking transgender rights, conservative lawmakers are now pushing inaccurate and misleading information about transgender youth whose families want them to be able to seek the potentially life-saving care they deserve. With a slate of bills that would outlaw gender-affirming care for minors, Republican governors and state lawmakers are targeting health care professionals who provide their patients with gender-affirming care such as hormone treatments, puberty blockers, and in some cases, gender-affirming surgery. 

 . . . Republican lawmakers have continued to insist that it is inappropriate for health care providers to treat gender dysphoria in children, which can lead to higher levels of depression and anxiety if left untreated. To make their argument, these lawmakers often rely on one of the following three misleading claims that medical experts have repeatedly debunked. 

Misleading Claim No. 1: Health care providers are casually giving gender-affirming care to minors.

Misleading Claim No. 2: 'Rapid-onset gender dysphoria' is responsible for kids' gender identity

Misleading Claim No. 3: Transition regret is prevalent.

The American Independent goes into much details with regards to why these claims are misleading. I hope folks will read the article and then share it. The first weapon against this mess is education and I have news for members of the LGBTQ community who aren't transgender. 

The religious right and their allies are coming for your rights, too. They are coming for all of us.

'SCOTUS will hear hate group lawsuit looking to overturn LGBTQ protections' & other Wed midday news briefs

Supreme Court to hear hate group lawsuit that could overturn LGBTQ protections - SCOTUS is gonna mess with us again, y'all. We've managed to get away by the skin of our teeth several times. We will see what happens here.  And of course this is the continued work of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Maybe now more attention will be paid by the media to how this group has declared war on LGBTQ people.

Texas AG says transition care for minors is child abuse under state law - His opinion is pablum with no legal standing. You need to work on the cases against you on the grounds of corruption, Ken. No one has forgotten about them. 

We need to talk about Colman Domingo, the queer rising star - Openly gay black actor who kicks ass. Yes we do.