Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Family Research Council wants God to stop gay adoptions

Over the years, I have blogged about many several nasty, underhanded, and mean-spirited things done by the Family Research Council in the name of God.

But the following prayer by the group simply has to take the proverbial cake:
Homosexual Adoption -- Building upon Congress' passage of a pro-homosexual federal hate crimes law, the overturn of the law against homosexuality in the military, and the legalization of homosexual marriage in her home state, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced the Every Child Deserves A Family Act. The Act would end all federal funding for adoption agencies that refuse to place children in LGBT "families." It will punish public and private agencies that act on their view that traditionally married couples are the best candidates to adopt. It will trounce on adoption agencies in the 31 states that have passed marriage amendments. It will put some Christian groups that take federal funds out of business altogether. Moreover, it will subject foster and adoptive children to the homosexual indoctrination and behavior of LGBT "parents"
May God intervene and stir Americans to resist and stop this effort to advance the radical homosexual agenda and literally to possess our nation's children. May God open our eyes! (Gen 1:26-28; 2:21-24; Lev 18:22-30; Dt 26:7-8; Pr 28:4; Lk 17:1-2; Acts 5:29; Eph 5:31-6:4)

Bear in mind that FRC never even bothered to ask God that children in need of adoption be placed in good homes. The organization didn't even push the phony talking point of "all children need a mother and a father."

It's all about keeping children away from "The GAYS."

There is no other way to put it. That's some coldhearted shit.

And it underscores something vital which very few have ever mentioned. In all of the years in which FRC has attacked same-sex households or gay adoption, the organization has never pushed, suggested, or even slightly initiated any type of  plan encouraging folks in what it claims to be "perfect family units," i.e. heterosexual mother/father households into adopting children.

Again, it's all about keeping children away from "The GAYS."

To FRC, it's all about "The GAYS."  Children are merely collateral damage in its attempts to stamp out lgbtq equality.

And now through virtue of the organization's prayer, God has become collateral damage.

What do you all think? Should this be considered as the 17th reason why the Family Research Council is a hate group?

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'NOM's latest victim is another fraud' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Archbishop Dolan Wields Victim Card: Church Should Not Be Criticized For Opposing LGBT Equality - The smallest violin in the world is playing for them.

NOM's latest 'Anti-Defamation' star: Previously Focus on the Family's star, for completely other 'issue' - NOM's latest "victim of the supposed gay menace" is a fraud. Surprise, surprise.

Dan Savage Gets Glitterbombed By Trans Activist During MTV Taping - Sorry but this glittering thing has become stupid. Has become? It was dumb from the beginning. It devotes lots of undeserved attention to frivolous shit. Furthermore it trivializes the lgbtq equality movement as a bunch of kooks doing anything to gain attention.
Stop SB 48 campaign: “We’re working on an initiative” - For Pete's sake, guys . . .

CWA: Same-Sex Parents Use Children As "Guinea Pigs" - As offensive as it is, I think it's good when the anti-gay industry shows its animus for same-sex families. Such hatred cannot be hidden behind the guise of "upholding Christian principles."

I get VERY frustrated with the gay community - Apparently the rant I wrote this morning has attained a degree of popularity. Because of such, I am running it again.

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I get VERY frustrated with the gay community

I'll let you in on a little secret.

There are times when I get extremely frustrated with some who fight for lgbtq equality.

Yesterday, I was reading an excellent piece on Equality Matters (a really good site), which detailed the fact that Fox News was relying on the supposed expertise of religious right "experts" to comment on a situation involving a seven-year-old transgender girl who was allowed in the Girl Scouts.

The piece pinpointed two of the phony experts - Judith Reisman:

Reisman is actually a long-time peddler of anti-LGBT propaganda. She is a full-throated proponent of the claim that gay people are more likely to engage in pedophilia, as well as the myth that the Nazi party was run by gay men. She has railed against the media for failing to acknowledge “that homosexuality is correlated with disorder.” She’s also accused those who support transgender youth of “chemically violating and numbing the nation’s cruelly and unnaturally traumatized youth.”

And the Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg:

FRC has been labeled as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Sprigg is a good example of the reasons why. Sprigg is the author of some of FRC’s vilest anti-LGBT propaganda, including a pamphlet that links homosexuality to pedophilia, mental illness, disease, and violence while promoting “ex-gay” therapy. He’s stated that he would prefer to “export” gays and lesbians from the U.S. and condemned anti-bullying initiatives for trying to “indoctrinat[e]” children.

Here is the thing, though.

The piece failed to mention that Reisman is a failed researcher who was given a federal grant of more than $784,000 to study 30 years worth of Playboy magazines. These findings were dismissed as "paranoid pseudoscientific hyperbole." Or that she wrote a book accusing sex researcher Alfred Kinsey of child abuse. When the Kinsey Institute easily batted down her charges, she sued it for defamation and emotional distress, claiming that it tried to censor her book. Not only was the case dismissed, but it was dismissed with prejudice, which means Reisman could not re-file it.

The piece also failed to mention that Sprigg's pamphlet in question - The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality - is filled with distortions, cherry-picked work, and quotes taken out of context created to justify homophobia.