Thursday, February 04, 2016

Flower company ad celebrates the diversity of love, including same-gender love

This commercial is from Telafora, a Los Angeles flower delivery company and it celebrates the diversity of love, including that between gay couples. I would make snarky comments about how it will anger members of the religious right, but to hell with them. Who cares what they think when it comes to matters of love:

'National anti-gay groups attacking transgender students' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Truth meme needs to be spread.

National Conservative Groups Descend On South Dakota To Help Advance Anti-LGBT Bills - Because apparently treating lgbts as second class citizens and preventing transgender children from safely using the bathroom are our new American values. 

Log Cabin leader: GOP aren’t as anti-gay as Dems say - Apparently this guy is taking some goooooood medication. 

 What the religious right is scared to tell you about gay marriage referendums . . . - A shout out for my new undertaking of using internet memes to refute religious right lies. 

 Black Trans Lives Matter, Too - Yes they do.

 Rick Santorum Leaves GOP Race But His Bigoted Legacy Will Remain - One homophobic nut leaves the GOP presidential race, but there are so many others left.