Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The homoeroticism of The Proud Boys

How odd is it that the Proud Boys are a homophobic group seeing that its founder, Gavin McInnes, stuck a dildo up his rear on live television.

The far-right racist group The Proud Boys has been in the media recently for several attacks against the LGBTQ community and drag shows. And it's the height of irony, considering its founder, Gavin McInnes. Of course McInnes himself is a conundrum. A far-right, homophobic and racist conundrum. 

A recent story in Mediaite says that McInnes came up with the 'Proud Boys' name as sort of an anti-gay dig:

Huffington Post reporter Andy Campbell’s new book on the Proud Boys opens with the story of how the group got its name. Campbell reported that founder Gavin McInnes was once so appalled by a young boy singing a song from the musical Aladdin at a school recital he attended that he decided to mock the boy and name the group after a lyric in the song. 

 “The Proud Boys name first came to Gavin McInnes while he watched, with disgust, as a twelve-year-old boy with brown skin sang a musical number onstage at a school recital,” Campbell writes in his book titled: We Are Proud Boys: How a Right-Wing Street Gang Ushered in a New Era of American Extremism. 

 . . .“Fuckin’ musicals, man. My wife’s a fag hag so I had to sit there and just not laugh. I couldn’t say to my boys, ‘Don’t ever fucking do that or I will be the opposite of proud,” Campbell quotes McInnes saying on an early episode of his podcast The Gavin McInnes Show. “This little Puerto Rican kid comes out, and he goes, ‘I’ll make you proud boy! It was the gayest fucking song,'” McInnes added. “When I was watching I was like, this is obviously the Hispanic son of a single mom. He did high-five a grown man afterward, but it couldn’t have been the real dad.”

So McInnes came up with the name of his group as a way to "own gays," or make fun of the LGBTQ community in a satirical way.  It's an odd thing to do, but no more odder than another stunt he pulled involving a dildo. On live television (I'm not sure of the year), he stuffed a dildo up his butt to supposedly "own liberals" and prove he has no problem with gays. So he said.  I saw the video and  I caution against it, but for those who are interested in things like that, you can see a play-by-play of McInnes via screenshots here. Then there was the time when other members of the Proud Boys wearing kilts mooned people with the words ""F@ck Anitfa" written on their butt cheeks.

These folks clearly have issues. Maybe if they took care of their issues, they wouldn't have time to annoy LGBTQ people.

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