Monday, January 09, 2023

Conservative outrage industry whining about 'pregnant Joker' storyline

With social media comes a cottage industry of what I call "conservative anger fairies" who seek fame and fortune in creating outrage from incidents which really shouldn't warrant such attention. They can spin any incident, no matter how trivial, into a conspiracy to destroy so-called American values and morality. And when it comes to doing that, they love ignorance and fear of LGBTQ people. It's a goldmine for them. 

The latest incident on their agenda is apparently a plotline in a comic book which casts Batman villain the Joker as pregnant.

By using words like "wokesim" and attaching LGBTQ people to the storyline, the conservative anger fairies are hoping to ride a wave of hysteria to more attention for their brands. You can easily see that from the young lady in the last picture who conveniently created a video mining this supposed controversy (my blotting out her name was intentional.)

I don't know the storyline here and I don't think I have any interest in reading it. But the attempt to exploit it as some further proof of "wokeism"  or some LGBTQ plot is some straight-up bullshit. For one, it's a damn comic book, not a plot to ensnare or "groom" kids.

And most importantly, we're talking about the Joker here. He is a homicidal maniac who has committed a plethora of violent crimes in comic books over the years including:

Murdering scores of people with his "Joker venom.

Giving one of his subordinates a nitroglycerin cigar ("Rest in pieces, Alby.").

Beating a teenager half to death with a crowbar,

Throwing another subordinate (who was in a wheelchair) into a shark tank,

Shooting a woman in the head in a room full of infants, 

Blowing up a school full of kids,

Shooting a young lady, paralyzing her. He then stripped her naked and took pictures of her  and had her father tied up on a carnival ride where he bombarded the poor man with giant photos of her naked, wounded body,

Skinning a man alive, 

In one storyline, gassing Superman causing him to kill a pregnant Lois Lane and then using her death to detonate a nuclear bomb which destroyed Superman's city of Metropolis, 

Having his own face skinned and then fixed by on with staples.

Seems to me that being pregnant is probably the most harmless thing he has ever done. These folks who want you all upset over a pregnant Joker have never raised hell over his violence because apparently violence doesn't push the same desired buttons as false narratives concerning LGBTQ people and "grooming."

Come on people. We need to recognize the true villains here, i.e. the bloodsuckers who are attempting to make names for themselves exploiting people's ignorance, fears, and entitlement, and basic stupidity.

In other words, it's just a damn comic book. No one is forcing anyone to read it. People need to get over it. 

And tell those idiots trying to screw with your heads to get a real job.

Hat tip - The 16 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done.

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