Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pat Robertson claims 'Drag Queen Story Hour' is going to bring God's 'judgment' on America

Drag Queen Story  Hour is an event which has been taking place  across America for a long time now. It's when drag queens read stories to young children in order to encourage inclusiveness and tolerance.

And while religious right groups have been attacking repeatedly it, they really have no ground to stand on because Drag Queen Story Hour is very popular with children and their parents, who of course have to give their permission for their children to attend. And sometimes these parents also attend and enjoy themselves.

Still, that doesn't keep religious right and anti-LGBTQ personalities like 'The 700 Club' host Pat Robertson from raging about it. Geez, Pat Roberson is so decrepit here that you can practically see the dust coming out of his mouth. It's like watching a religious right version of 'The Mummy.'

Yes, what I said was cruel and I almost didn't want to post this.  But then I remember when I was young and trying to come out, how watching 'The 700 Club' and Pat Robertson attack LGBTQs made me feel so awful.  I don't consider this a revenge post, but a simple reminder about whose time it is right now.

Lastly on that same note, it seems to me that if God was going to "judge" America, I think He would be looking at things other than drag queen reading books to children and their parents. Such as a certain Orange Menace populating the White House who steals children from their parents and puts them in cages and generally wrecking the integrity of this country.

Hat tip - Right Wing Watch

'Trump Administration weaponizes religion to allow federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBTQ community' & other Tue midday news briefs

It's becoming apparent that Trump probably rubbed  his butt with this flag after the picture was taken. That's what he has done to the LGBTQ community in general since taking office.

New Trump administration directive lets federal contractors discriminate against LGBT people – for Jesus - The Trump Administration weaponizes religion to discriminate against the LGBTQ community again. So now on the basis of "religious liberty" the Trump Administration is allowing federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. If anything, this makes the argument against the Log Cabin Republicans & other LGBTQ Trump supporters. They supported Trump but aren't pushing back against the myriad ways he is dogging our community. A political group with ACTUAL political power would do that instead of acting like it is in an abusive relationship making excuses for their partner and attacking those who try to make them see the truth. The truth in this case being Trump don't give a damn about us.

Labor Department becomes latest Trump agency to take interest in ‘religious freedom’ - More on this insanity and it brings up a point. "Religious liberty," or the weaponization of religion as a tool for anti-LGBTQ discrimination is making its way through U.S. agencies like a virus. I smell the noxious odor of Mike Pence in this. 

Trump Admin Upholds Religious Freedom for Federal Contractors - And from the other side of the coin - the wrong side - how this issue is playing in the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right community.

'Not scared': Russian teen charged under 'gay propaganda' law says he'll keep protesting - In Russia with his life clearly in danger. This young man is bravery personified.

Liberty Counsel Claims Victory In Scott Lively’s Embarrassing Defeat - "Bitches gotta fundraise."