Thursday, June 04, 2015

'Negative fall out from Duggars interview, HRC having problems' & other Thursday midday news briefs

The fall out from the Duggars interview is not pretty (as many of knew it wouldn't be) and there is a LOT of criticism thrown around:

CNN's Chris Cuomo: Megyn Kelly's Duggar Interview Was "A Conversation Among Friends" - Even though I still think Kelly got lucky with the way this interview turned out, Cuomo makes an EXCELLENT point. 

The Duggars totally misrepresented their anti-LGBT robocall in Fox News interview - As I predicted, the robocall question was a KILLER to the Duggars. 

 In Fox Interview Duggar Dad Falsely Describes Michelle's Anti-Trans Robocall To Cover Up Hypocrisy - Etc.

Fox News fans defend Duggars the only way they know how — by blaming Bill Clinton and black people - But the Duggars had their defenders . . . but they were NOT helpful. 

 In other news: 

 Internal Report: Major Diversity, Organizational Problems At Human Rights Campaign - Having an "outsider" status in the lgbt equality movement, I've never been one for the internal squabbles and the name-calling (such as the "Gay,Inc" label), but this internal report about HRC gave even me spooky pause. Whether some of us like the group or not, HRC is a powerful and much needed organization when it comes attaining lgbt equality. I hope it takes this report to heart and makes the necessary changes (particularly getting more people of color in visual and leadership positions).  

Gender Transition Tougher than Caitlyn Makes It Look - WONDERFUL article which includes my very good friend Dayna Smith who reminds us that while yes we should praise Caitlyn Jenner, let's not forget the larger picture. Gender transition is not easy for those who undergo it because of a number of reasons, financial and otherwise. 

Religious Right Angry At Business Support For Marriage Equality - Gasp! How DARE those awful, awful, equality-loving businesses.