Friday, March 11, 2016

'Barber cites 'religious liberty' to deny service to transgender veteran' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Some businesses are forsaking this attitude.

California Barber Cites Religious Beliefs to Refuse Transgender Army Veteran a Haircut - Barber using "religious liberty" excuse not to cut a transgender man's hair. And The New Civil Rights Movement lists other examples of the using religious liberty to discriminate which should scare you.

Caitlyn Jenner Just Might Be The Anti-Hero The Transgender Community Needs - Very plausible argument here. Maybe instead of telling bemoaning Caitlyn Jenner's obliviousness, we should look at her situation another way.  

Anti-Gay Texas AG Ken Paxton Just Went ‘All In’ On Anti-LGBT Discrimination – VIDEO - WOW! Paxton just flat don't like lgbts based upon who he chooses as staff members. 

 The Gay Agenda, Explained - WONDERFUL piece which simply eviscerates folks who think that black men should never show any affection to each other.

 How These Gay Men Went From Ex-Gay Therapy To Building Their Beautiful Family - BOOM!

Gay stereotypes in the media can be annoying, but also hilarious

This morning, let's focus on gay and lesbian stereotypes. With that in mind, this video is on how we are portrayed in some parts of the media is WICKEDLY hilarious: