Sunday, June 03, 2018

The History of Queer Dance is simply too fierce to handle

Watching either or both of these videos are wonderful ways to begin this week, which may be one of the pivotal in American LGBTQ history. They are reminders of how strong and powerful our community is, in spite of whatever adversity ignorant folks throw at us.

The revolutionary history of ball culture in the LGBTQ community is not just about fabulous dance styles. It's a profound intersection of sexuality, race, and gender nonconforming individuals defiantly living their truth in a safe, celebratory space. A group of iconic dancers and a young boy represent this fierce array of queer choreography in a story about the ongoing struggle to freely express your pride. Four legendary choreographers: Derrell Bullock, Kumari Suraj, Jonte' Moaning, and Brian Friedman, take you on a spectacular journey through the diverse history and massive influence of queer dance, from the underground voguing battles in 1960s Harlem to the fierce, powerful diva styles that permeate pop culture today.