Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'How the Knights of Columbus bankrolls anti-gay, conservative movement' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

How One Religious Organization Bankrolls America’s Social Conservative Movement - And the Knights of Columbus do it via charitable donations. It's an ugly thing because it almost makes one not want to donate to charity. 

 Anti-gay activists Peter LaBarbera, Bill Whatcott found not guilty of mischief - Oh come, y'all. I'm not so nauseating as to wish a jail sentence for LaBarbera at Christmas time no matter how obnoxiously homophobic he has been over the years. Look at it this way - he can no longer exploit his "Canadian odyssey." Then again, scratch that. LaBarbera would exploit the relationship between Peppermint Patti and Marcie of 'Peanuts' if he could get away with it. 

Supreme Court To Consider On Jan 9. Whether To Hear Challenges To Same-Sex Marriage Bans - Get your rest, brothers and sisters because we get to begin it again in January.  

USA, Pennsylvania: Marriage Equality Support Jumps, New Poll Says - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 

Camenker: Gay Student Clubs Love To Recruit 'Kids From Christian Backgrounds' - An interesting spin on the "gays want to recruit" children" talking point. The irony is that there is a small kernel of truth in this ugly claim and this kernel merely underlines the fact that younger Christians aren't as opposed to the lgbt community and lgbt equality as the anti-gay right would like. Ah yes. The future. It scares anti-gay activists and groups so much.  

How Michael Sam Knew He Made The Right Choice In Coming Out - I won't give it away but he is so right.