Friday, April 19, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - The Billy Douglas storyline on 'One Life To Live'

Gay characters in soap operas are now more common place and that's because of good storylines and actors, rather than silly melodrama. The following is one of the first and best:

Ryan (Philippe) appeared on One Life to Live during the summer of 1992. Ryan's role was a breakthrough one: daytime television's first gay teenager. Ryan plays Billy Douglas, newcomer to the town of Llanview. Billy is reluctant to tell anyone of his homosexuality, especially his parents. He is able, however, to confide in the town's pastor, Andrew. And then, due to the scheming of a woman Andrew scorned, rumors fly around town, that the pastor is a homosexual and has made advances on Billy. The town quickly displays it's homophobia, with Billy's parents leading the way, demanding for the removal of Reverend Andrew from the parish. Upon witnessing the town's reaction Billy is now even more afraid to reveal his secret. Yet his silence only draws Andrew into deeper criticism. It all comes down to a dramatic moment when the town meets at the parish where Andrew gives a riveting speech on the disease of prejudice and homophobia. Billy takes a public stand, against his father and in support of Andrew. 


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'Boy Scouts may partly remove gay ban' and other Friday midday news briefs

Boy Scouts Proposing to Lift Gay Ban for Youth - Heck of a day to spring this one on us and I can guess that no one is going to be happy with it. 

Must you misrepresent everything, FRC? - And don't think for a second that the Family Research Council is going to be happy with this.

 NOM's Brian Brown Cheers France's "Peaceful" Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters - You might want to rethink that, Brian.  

France: MPs come to blows during equal marriage debate in parliament - I mean SERIOUSLY rethink that.  

Minnesota Marriage Equality Opponents: ‘Don’t Erase Moms And Dads’ - Can someone PLEASE give this lie a rest!  

FRC Blames ‘Sexual Liberalism’ and ‘Family Breakdown’ for Mass Murders - The Family Research Council celebrates the defeat of background checks legislation in the Senate because apparently if Jesus had a gun, he wouldn't have been crucified (I'm being extremely snarky in the last part. In this day and age, you have to clarify everything, including a fart.)

Day of Silence 2013

As the situation in Boston reaches its crescendo, let's not forget our lgbt children. Today is GLSEN's Day of Silence across America's schools. What is the Day of Silence? Allow these videos to tell you: