Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Family Research Council is NOT happy with increase of lgbt-friendly businesses

Good news, my friends!

According to Baptist Press, lgbt-friendly businesses are continuing to grow:
The latest annual report from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) shows nearly 300 of the country's Fortune 500 businesses offer workplaces with insurance, employment and retirement policies friendly to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) workers.

When HRC released its first Corporate Equality Index a decade ago, only 13 companies made the list.

"The numbers are irrefutable: The more successful a business is in the United States, the more likely it is to embrace equality," HRC President Chad Griffin wrote in a letter accompanying the report.
Did I say "good news?" Well that's not totally true for everyone. For the Family Research Council, it's not necessarily good news. In fact, it's downright depressing:

 But Rob Schwarzwalder, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, believes LGBT-friendly companies miss a bigger picture in light of current profit.

"Companies that actively and openly affirm homosexuality as a valid choice of life and behavior are failing to recognize the toll that homosexual unions will take on society if they become fully legitimated," he said. "They are, in my view, looking for social acceptance and quick profit ahead of principle."

What the hell does that even mean anyway? No offense to Schwarzwalder and FRC, but his statement makes no sense whatsoever. Of course Baptist Press made no effort to dig into these numbers because its article was mostly looking at the rise of lgbt-friendly businesses as a social issue. I personally think it has a lot to do with economics rather than social issues.

As more of us are coming out, getting married, and creating families,  we are getting noticed as not only excellent employees but a community which will spend its hard-earned cash on companies who support us as human beings.

It's that simple.  When all else fails, the desire for money prevails.

God bless America!

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