Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kissing or holding hands in public - video shows how complicated simple PDAs are for LGBTQ community

This video from BBC Scotland is a brilliant look at how and why displays of public affection from the LGBTQ community causes lots of discussion.

 From LGBTQ Nation:

 BBC Scotland‘s “The Social” touts itself as “comedy, lifestyle & more from fresh talent in Scotland,” but it’s newest video “Time for Love” is anything but funny. The video is quickly going viral as thousands of queer men and women see themselves in the spot and share it on social media. Instead of laughs, the piece is striking a deep chord for many in our community who see themselves, their lives and their fears expressed so eloquently and raw. Most LGBT people have said in numerous studies that they are uncomfortable holding hands or kissing their romantic partner in public. This is why.

It's already caused a lot of comments on the LGBTQ Nation webpage and for good reason. Displays of public affection in the our community causes lots of debate. In fact, I am willing to predict that someone, voicing an objection, will conflate simply hand holding or short kisses with slobbery French kisses, deliberately missing the point that we are talking about simple public displays of affection, not gay recreations of the movie In The Realm of the Senses.

'White House refuses to turn over emails which may prove it worked with anti-LGBTQ hate group on trans ban' & other Wed midday news briefs

Forget Hillary's emails. What about emails involving the Trump Administration and the Family Research Council?

White House refuses to turn over emails proving it works with hate group - I got my EYE on this situation with baited breath and sharpened claws in lovely anticipation. 

Gay Georgia Couple Can’t Be Prom King and King, School Says - This is what I was talking about last night when it comes to the media showing positive images for the sake of our LGBTQ kids. They get enough junk like this as it is. 

Georgia school refuses to let gay couple compete for prom court together - More about this issue. I know that to some folks, this may not seem like a big deal. BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL to our kids and those of us seeking to not allow a repeat of how we were brought up in second class status. 

Gay ‘Dreamer’ stuck in Mexico after green card application denied - Point blank. This simply ain't right.