Tuesday, June 02, 2015

'Megyn Kelly hinting that she will 'soft-peddle' Duggars through interview' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Megyn Kelly Previews Duggar Interview: Not Going to Be a ‘Cross-Examination’ - Well I hope this helps to put an end to the "Megyn Kelly is a tough but fair Fox pundit" lie. From her talk with Howard Kurtz, it sounds as if she is going to soft peddle the interview with the Duggars with special attention aimed at those who are supposedly "exploiting" the scandal for political purposes, i.e. "the left." Certainly the interview shouldn't be a "cross-examination," but there are very serious questions regarding the Duggars' behavior during the situation AND the hypocrisy of their public anti-lgbt stances afterwards which need to be addressed. Any GOOD journalist would know this. Still, we will see how the interview goes. 

Right-Wing Media Respond With Sarcasm And Disrespect To Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover - Ignorant people will write and say stupid things. However, the fact that this bile is coming from recognized journalists and other media figures is simply sad and illustrates the lack of self-accountability and integrity in today's American media. And the worse thing? How desensitized we are about it. Instead of getting angry and shocked enough to demand higher standards, we simply shrug our shoulders. 

 Huckabee: I Should Have Pretended To Be Transgender In School To 'Shower With The Girls' (VIDEO) - No comment, only because what I want to say would be so intense that it would induce nosebleeds. And NO Josh Duggar jokes from me seeing how much Huckabee stands by him . . .  

Does Caitlyn Jenner 'make God into a liar?' Of course not! - A reposting of last night's piece as a way of cleansing my blog after the last two vile news briefs (and as a way for me to calm my nerves because I can't have a face-to-face "conversation" with Huckabee over his comments.) 

Top U.N. Official Says Same-Sex Partnership Protections Needed To Safeguard Human Rights - I totally agree. 

 North Carolina Senate overrides governor's veto of marriage opt-out bill -In spite a governor veto, NC legislators are determined to jump down the rabbit hole of bigotry. 

 Mat Staver: GOP Will Split In Two If Party Drops Anti-Gay Platform - Oh that would be just awful, terrible, a calamity (hehehehehe!)

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