Friday, January 15, 2016

'Ted Cruz picks up another anti-gay endorser' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Touts Endorsement Of Anti-Gay Extremist Paul Blair - I keep telling folks that Ted Cruz is spookier than Donald Trump.

 Rep. Dold becomes first Republican co-sponsor of Equality Act - The Equality Act is a pro-lgbt law, by the way. I can just hear heads pop. 

New Teacher Shuts Down Homophobic Language In Classroom - Wonderful story!  

Anglicans sanction US Episcopal Church over gay marriage - But apparently folks seem to think that it's actually Kim Davis being persecuted . . .  

LGBT Christians React With Fury Over The Anglican Communion Suspending Pro-Gay Church - More to the above story for the benefit of those who think that one cannot be an lgbt Christian.  
Theodore Shoebat Calls For SWAT Teams To Raid The Homes Of Gay Couples And Seize Their Children - From Right Wing Watch: 
This is the same Theodore Shoebat who was featured alongside several congressmen and GOP presidential candidates in an anti-gay "documentary" produced by Janet Porter, who is now running for a seat in the Ohio legislature.

Trans Love in the Black Community

When it comes to lgbt issues, my African-American community is sorely way behind on discussions and education.  This issue about the transgender community is just one of many. And it highlights the benefits of listening and understanding before making judgements: