Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mike Huckabee shows ignorance, deliberate deception during radio interview

For someone who likes to quote the infamous Dred Scott decision in defense of  his opposition to marriage equality and of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee doesn't seem to know pertinent things about it.

From Buzzfeed:
While defending Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses out of her religious opposition to same-sex marriage, Mike Huckabee said Wednesday that the Supreme Court’s 1857 ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford — which held that all blacks, free or enslaved, could not be American citizens — is still the law of the land even though no one follows it.

Radio host Michael Medved quickly pointed out to the former governor of Arkansas that the decision was overturned by the 13th Amendment. (Although the 13th Amendment ended slavery, the birthright citizenship clause in the 14th Amendment overturned the Dred Scott decision.)

And if you ask me, when describing the branches of government, Huckabee was deliberately vague on the duties of the Supreme Court. That tells me he knows that he is misleading people.

Just my opinion there.

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