Friday, July 30, 2021

'Is rapper T.I. trying to use DaBaby controversy to settle grudge against LGBTQ community?' & other Fri midday news briefs

T.I. tries to defend DaBaby's homophobia.

T.I. Says Rappers Are Bullied by the Gay Community - Bullshit! 

 Related post from 2011 - Hey T.I., violence against gay children is NOT funny - T.I. just mad cause we called his ass out in 2011 when he defended comedian Tracy Morgan for making an ugly joke about stabbing his son if he found out he was gay. T.I. can kiss my a.s.s.

Stephanie Dolson is first out American athlete to win Olympic gold medal - Good for her!

BNT: Buck case highlights intersection of race & sexual orientation - This case depresses me but it needs to be spotlighted A gay rich older white man targeted younger black men down on their luck. He entices them with money to allow him to pump them full of drugs. Two ended up dying. He was put on trial and found guilty of their deaths, as he should have.