Monday, August 16, 2010

' Gay families aren't real families' - a NOM supporter further sinks their phony guise of love

One thing that has been deliciously excellent about the National Organization for Marriages' failed marriage tour is it showed NOM supporters in their true homophobic light.

Yesterday, we saw the "state-sanctioned sodomy" guy. Today, its another NOM supporter in Harrisburg.

Watch the entire thing, especially his comparison of gay marriage to pedophilia. But keep a special eye out on his nasty words about gay families and single mother families.

So much for that phony NOM love.

Hat tip to Joe.My.God.

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National Organization for Marriage lays double goose egg and other Monday midday news briefs

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A Successful Counterprotest to NOM in Harrisburg, PA (with Photo Gallery) - The National Organization for Marriage bombs in Pennsylvania.

Images From A Sideshow Running Away With The Circus… - The National Organization bombs in Washington, but this time they bring black folks.

Ensign cites harassment in call sign choice - This is a damn shame.

Stop Gay Marriage Or Say Goodbye To Christian Civilization - Shhhhh! Stop giving away our secret plans!

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Islamic centers, gay marriages, and the ease of picking electoral scapegoats

Gay marriage has been replaced by the Islamic community as the whipping children of the electorate.

Remember in 2004 when the backlash against gay marriage became a huge election issue galvanizing voters and members of the religious community? That’s nothing compared to what’s happening now.

This controversy over the Islamic center blocks away from Ground Zero has gone into overdrive, which some are hoping will be a huge issue in the fall elections this year.

Never mind that Al Qaeda attacked us and not Muslims in general. Never mind that many Muslims lost their lives during 9-11 due to those awful attacks. Never mind that when Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, no one even thought of blaming Christianity on the whole for his twisted beliefs. Never mind the Islamic center isn’t even going to be located at “Ground Zero.”

Never mind any of that because there is a situation ready made to be exploited. And like in all situations like this, we have so many throwing their worthless two cents into the controversy,  from a failed half termed governor (Sarah Palin) trying to be the “voice of America” when no one really asked her, to an  insane Congressman (Louis Gohmert) spinning tangents about “terror babies.”

Not to mention that there is a lot of fertile, scared, and ignorant minds to be exploited. New York is not the only place where people are fearing the Islamic community. In Tennessee, some residents not only oppose the building of mosques, but were also hinting about digging up the graves and tracking the “community activities” of other Muslims.

It’s sad really and it makes me wonder if the terrorists who attacked on 9-11 did in fact win.

We have been constantly told that they hate us because of our “freedom.” But that’s not totally true.

Some of them hate us  because they think we are hypocrites; that we give big talk about freedom and equality, but with the drop of a hat we abandon both concepts. That one minute, we are waving flags and singing the praises of living in a diverse community and the next, braining  people over the heads with flag poles while justifying a fear of those who are different with the least shred of shame.

Someone tell me, what exactly do you call this controversy other than exactly what those terrorists believe?

Osama Bin Laden is in a cave somewhere laughing himself silly.

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