Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Debunking anti-lgbt myths - a refresher video

Editor's post - I ran this video two years ago, but with a certain orange encrusted you-know-who in office causing religious right groups to grow eager, anxious, and hungry to cause all sorts of anti-lgbt havoc, a refresher Debunking of LGBT Myths is way overdue. It serves to remind us to not get taken in when religious right groups and their spokespeople seek to control the narrative of this so-called culture war.

'Official involved in Bush-era purge of gay employees now in Trump Administration' & other Tue midday news briefs

Official Involved in Bush-Era Purge of Gay Employees Now in Trump Administration - What's scarier? An official involved in the Bush-era purge of gay employees is now in the Trump Administration? Or the fact that probably very few of us remember the Bush-era purge of gay employees? 

LGBT advocates launch effort to block Trump’s ‘appalling’ Army secretary nominee - This is about another wannabe Trump appointee and you better believe we are going to fight against him.  

Fake “Radical Feminist” group actually paid political front for anti-LGBT James Dobson organization - Simply disgusting!  

Trey Pearson Sends Hopeful Message To Gay Christians In New Video - With the religious right bogarting all talks about the lgbtq community and religion, this video is DEFINITELY needed.  

Bigoted Christians Are the Most Special Snowflakes - As of now, the lgbt community needs to send a message to the Trump Administration: "We did not come to play with you #@%!"