Monday, July 18, 2016

'GOP Gov. contends anti-lgbt party platform is NOT homophobic' & other Monday midday news briefs

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin
Editor's note - I don't think I can handle this week. I've lived through many a GOP national convention, but I think this one will be the spaciest. But I will do what I can:

A GOP Governor’s Unbelievable Defense Of Her Party’s Anti-LGBT Platform - Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin contends that the GOP anti-lgbt platform is not actually anti-lgbt because they stand for the human rights of all people and that there were lgbts on the platform committee. Yeah, they were the ones attempting to keep you dummies from passing those awful planks. As for her first comment, help me Jesus to not say anything ugly.

Jeb Bush blames Obama for Republican vitriol against LGBT rights - Apparently the lgbt and Obama was just asking for it. Our outfit was too tight, we danced to suggestively, we got drunk, etc. etc.(this is not to make light against the sexual assault of women. It's meant to point out the inanity of Bush's comment. )

Why Doesn’t NY Times Label Anti-LGBT Extremists As “Hate Groups”? - It's a good question, but I think that those of us watching these groups don't make the case strong enough. It's about what they are doing now and what they have done in the past. We have to put that out, force a conversation on the situation. Why are we expecting the media to do what we won't? 

STUDY: Which Publications Avoid Using The “Hate Group” Label For Anti-LGBT Extremists - Third news brief, see the second. 

Stop Saying Black People Are More Homophobic Than Others - Cause it's simply not true.

The Trump Pence interview on 60 Minutes was so bad . . .

Not necessarily an lgbt issue per se, but then again yes it is. The purpose of this video is to show, on this day that the GOP convention starts, what serious trouble this country will be in if these two are elected as our president and vice president. Trump is incoherent when he is not praising himself, while Pence looks like he is tittering between inebriation and having to use the bathroom. And the video is already getting blow back. The Trumpences are attacking in the comment section.