Thursday, January 29, 2015

AFA retains Bryan Fischer and then sells him out . . . HARD

The "AFA's firing of Bryan Fischer" saga just took a strange turn today.

According to Right Wing Watch:

Bryan Fischer kicked off his radio program today by refuting reports that he had been fired by the American Family Association, explaining that he has simply given up his role as an official AFA spokesman while retaining his role as a daily radio host for AFA's radio outlet, American Family Radio. Fischer said that his designation as an AFA spokesman while he also served as a radio host was creating confusion and resulting in the personal opinions he expressed on the radio being unfairly attributed to the AFA. As such, Fischer will no longer serve as an official voice for AFA but will continue to spew his bigotry from the AFA's radio station

 But Fischer's explanation omits  a letter AFA sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center - a letter which will probably be forever known as the worst cover-your-ass letter in the history of mankind.

In this letter, AFA said in the name of "free speech," the organization allows Fischer to have a radio program on its network. And then the AFA proceeded to repudiate and rebuke several claims Fischer made, as well as any association to Fischer himself:

If the AFA thought this letter solved anything, the organization is sadly mistaken because not there are more questions the organizations need to answer. Most specifically, if AFA repudiates Fischer's statements, then why give him a platform to spew them in the first place?

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch and SPLC.

'Bryan Fischer has made AFA the 'Lady Macbeth' of the Religious Right' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Editor's note - Some who have been following the firing of AFA's Bryan Fischer have pointed out  that while he lost an official title with the group, he still retains his radio show, i.e. his platform where he spews the verbal venom which got him into trouble. This is true, but don't look at it as a negative. To me, it's like birthday cake with big scoop of ice cream. After years of denying and dodging, AFA has tacitly admitted the fact that Fischer's rhetoric is vile, HOWEVER  Fischer is too bullheaded and stupid to lessen up on it. In other words, the AFA and Fischer is caught in a hole and Fischer is insistent on digging that hole deeper. Works for me.

The AFA Cannot Wash Its Hands Of Bryan Fischer's Bigotry That Easily - You had better believe that, PARTICULARLY if any of us lgbt bloggers have anything to say about it. The American Family Association just become the Lady Macbeth (i.e. sleepwalking scene) of the Religious Right.

 Alabama Probate Judges Org. Backs Down, Advises Members To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses If Stay Is Lifted - Glad to see that the group is getting smart.  

Ford employee says he was fired for anti-gay remarks: "Homosexual behavior leads to death" - And he has filed a federal lawsuit, too. Good. I want to see how this plays out.  

Houston Fox Affiliate Peddles Transphobic Attack On Equal Rights Ordinance - We are continuing to have this same problem with this same Houston television station pushing the same transphobic lies. I doubt it is a coincidence.  

Iowa Gallery Stops Hosting Weddings To Avoid Serving Same-Sex Couples - Sorry to those who disagree but we are winning the right to marry fair and square. Some folks are trying to make us seem mean and uncompromising, but I got two problems with that. One - lgbts are compromised from the day we are born and especially when we realize how we are different from other little boys and girls. Second - in all of these "religious freedom controversies," no one on the other side has given us a solution as to how our needs can be accommodated if clerks don't want to marry us and we are refused service. The "you can just go somewhere else" argument is just damn rude.