Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Man who claims that he doesn't want to eradicate trans people calls them 'demonic'

Michael Knowles

Daily Wire podcaster Michael Knowles claims that he was unfairly accused of calling for the "eradication" of trans people. Granted, he said "trangenderism" must be eradicated, but he also said that trans people aren't real.

I doubt his latest attack on the trans community will help his case. 

From Media Matters:

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): This is demonic stuff. Really demonic stuff. And I made this point -- I got in trouble with our publicists over at Media Matters because I said that the -- the attacks on man's sexual nature and sexual difference and complementarity are demonic. And they are. And they go back throughout all of history, throughout some of the earliest depictions of demons. Even one of the most prominent depictions of demons comes from an artist Éliphas Lévi, who was an occultist who did a depiction of Baphomet. If you just think, what's a demon look like? You're probably thinking of this picture. And this picture is of a weird goat head with horns, and then one arm looks like a man's arm, and then one arm looks like a woman's arm. And it's got breasts, a female upper body, then a male lower body. And it's a trans depiction. It's a depiction of a man and a woman, kind of, blended together in this grotesque way.

 And what's written on the arms - two words, solve coagula, which means to break apart and to put back together. And this is a slogan that crops up frequently in the occult. Break everything down, put it back together in this really grotesque, weird, unnatural sort of way. It is no coincidence that these depictions are what we see in this highly, highly dangerous ideology. It is no coincidence that when you attack this ideology -- I've gone after so many different leftist views, leftist hobby horses, leftist ideologies -- and you get pushback. If you defend the Second Amendment, you get pushback. If you push back on critical race theory, you -- you get some angry people sending you messages. Nothing comes close to when you push back against the transgender agenda. The images that people send you, the threats that people make against you. It's exactly what that woman described. And it is demonic. The whole thing is demonic.

What the hell is he talking about?

I've known types like Michael Knowles while attending college. They like to hear themselves talk as a show of their so-called intellectual prowess.  But as time goes by, they sound less intelligent and more like the cartoon character Brainy Smurf.

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