Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Video: Subtle homophobia can be more successful than outright bigotry

From time to time, I like to observe anti-LGBTQ propaganda put out by the religious right. The more sophisticated groups don't always call us out by name or openly accuse us of creating dire situations. In some cases, like the video (from the Liberty Counsel in 2014) seen below, anti-LGBTQ propaganda employs the ultimate in dehumanization - not mentioning the queer community but throwing out dog whistles in a manner so polite that is is almost difficult to detect. The video isn't saying that the queer community stands in the way of families. It is simply hinting on it enough for its supporters and those in the middle to be convinced:

'Disney's 'Doc McStuffins' spotlights same-sex family' & other Tue midday news briefs

Disney’s ‘Doc McStuffins’ Sends A Great Message With A Two-Mom Family - This is wonderful because of the visibility it gives to same-sex families. Children in same-sex families should see that there is nothing to be ashamed of with their families and parents. 

“Texas Impact Launches PSA Campaign Featuring Faith Leaders Speaking Out Against Bathroom Bills”- Regardless of what happens in Texas (and I'm hoping for a win), faith leaders standing loudly against transphobia and homophobia is a trend which needs to continue and grow. 

Florida Man Killed After Standing Up For Gay Friends, Witnesses Say - I hate posting about things like this but it;s necessary for so many reasons. May people remember this brave man.

Gender Variance Around the World Over Time - The more you know.