Monday, March 30, 2015

Eight is Mike Pence's unlucky number

While Arkansas may still pass an awful "religious freedom" bill and North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory coming out against one, it's important that we continue to hammer the lies told by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence with regards to that state's "religious freedom" law

This video by the Human Rights Campaign needs to go viral.  It condenses Pence's 'This Week' interview to the eight times he refused to say whether or not Indiana's religious freedom law could be used to discriminate against lgbts.

To reiterate, Pence was asked this question eight times and every time, he wouldn't give a definite answer. Pence's sidestepping is an indictment against his character and that of these anti-gay "Christian conservatives" who claim to stand for God, morality, and values, but then would use underhanded tactics while hiding their motives.

They have been doing this sort of thing for decades, but now it is not only time for us to strike back, but also demand answers. If they want to engage in a debate regarding the positive existence of lgbts, we should demand that their anti-Christian lies and tactics be a part of the debate.

'Backlash against 'religious freedom' bills reaches other states & CNN' & other Monday midday news briefs

The video above outlines lgbt success in two ways. One - Chris Cuomo of CNN blisters the Family Research Council's Peter Sprig for attempting to defend Indiana's anti-gay "religious freedom" law. Secondly, and of specific interest to me, Cuomo mentions the picture of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signing the law while being flanked by anti-gay lobbyists. This picture contradicts Pence's claim that the law wasn't meant to be a vehicle for anti-gay discrimination. See what we can accomplish when we work together to spread good information. For more on this lovely beat down, including some background info on Sprigg's past dips into homophobia, check out Jeremy Hooper

 Opposition rallies to keep anti-gay bill dead - Don't think for a minute that folks aren't watching what's going on in Indiana. Georgia's "religious freedom" bill is just about dead. And many folks are doing to do what they can to keep it flatlined.  

Montana House Narrowly Defeats 'Religious Freedom' Bill With Evenly Split Vote - Another one just died in Montana. 

  The Big Lie The Media Tells About Indiana’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Law - Speaking of that anti-gay law in Indiana, the anti-gay right and conservatives are mounting a big defense of lies, claiming that it's similar to bills in 19 states. You wanna bet . . . .  

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Laws Are Dangerous - It's so nice to have one of your own with an extreme power of the purse. Money always talks, my friends.  

Anti-Gay Florist Fined $1,000 And Ordered Not To Discriminate - She'll continue to turn it down. Her lawyers want her case to reach the Supreme Court. 

 Glenn Beck's Co-Author Decries Gay Parenting As A 'Profound, Disgusting, Vile Evil' - Just a reminder that no matter how victorious we may look, the battle is never over. We are dealing with folks who want to devalue EVERY aspect of our lives.