Thursday, July 03, 2014

'Online booklet on nasty anti-gay propaganda nears one million hits' & Thursday midday news briefs

Barney Frank has his free copy. Get your free copy now.
Seeing that we are in the midst of the 4th of July celebrations and its a slow news day, I thought I would push a little self-promotion.

For over a year, I have driven you all crazy and I appreciate your patience and support but now we are almost at the end of one part of a journey.

My online booklet, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America is less than 6,000 hits from reaching 1,000,000. It's a remarkable achievement fueled by all of the support I received from the netroots. Things have changed tremendously since January of last year when I published this booklet. Thanks to the recent Hobby Lobby decision, the anti-gay religious right is gaining traction with their bogus "religious freedom" argument. Of course we know the truth; that their "religious freedom" argument is another tactic in a long line of tactics and arguments going back decades whose goal is the demonization and stigmatization of lgbt individuals in order to deny us our God-granted right to equality.

If you haven't already, read this short, but graphics intensive booklet, which I consider a definitive history on anti-gay propaganda. Download it, and above all, PLEASE share it. Our desire for full equality is noble and true, but we have to deal with crafty enemies who shied their homophobic animus behind Scripture and the claim of "deeply held religious beliefs."  It's a lie and using their own words and images, How They See Us proves it.

You can read an embedded copy of How They See Us printed on the right side of this blog, or  go directly to the Scribd site or to this second site where you can download an adobe acrobat copy.

If you desire to fight back against homophobic lies, then realize that knowledge is the first key. Passing along this knowledge is the second one.

(And just to clear things up, this booklet is free. I don't get a dime for it. I created it because I am tired of talking about lgbt equality on the terms of the religious right. Plus, our community - particularly our young ones - should have something like this)

In other news briefs:

Tony Perkins Says Obama's Push For 'Radical Sexualism' And 'Global Homosexuality' Is Persecuting Christians - So Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council thinks that standing against anti-gay persecution somehow means persecuting Christians. I tell you, the moderate Christians really need to speak up and stop letting folks like Perkins boggart the conversation.

33 Photos That Prove There Is No One Way To Be An American Family - Pay attention, National Organization for Marriage.

Rick Warren Joins Letter Asking Obama For Strong Religious Exemption In LGBT Executive Order - FORGET THAT!!

These Photos Of Two Dads Meeting Their New Baby Will Make You Cry Happy Tears - I couldn't help myself. I had to post this.

Anti-gay extremist inspires AWFUL song, video

A very dear online friend pointed this out to me.

Apparently aside from causing anti-gay violence and awful laws in foreign countries, Scott Lively seems to be offhandedly declaring war on the music industry. From his webpage:


You will be blessed by this amazing song “The Rainbow Belongs to God. It was written my friend Johny Noer, a Danish pastor living in the Negev Desert of Israel, and performed by the very talented singer/composer Signe Walsoe.  Johny was an attendee and guest lecturer at my Bible seminar in England last fall and was inspired by my article/strategy “The Rainbow Belongs to God” which I created to encourage the Russians to reclaim the rainbow as a Christian symbol during the Winter Olympics. This beautiful music video is a fruit of our ministry partnership and I encourage you to forward it to your pro-family friends around the world.

Well. Wasn't that putrid on so many levels. Now let me take a guess what the song and video's defenders may say: "This song is about God, it's not about hatred towards anyone."

If you watched even a small part of that video, the following is the antidote: