Friday, July 31, 2015

'Competing pro-gay and & 'religious liberty' bills in Congress' & other Fri midday news briefs

In Congress, competing bills promote LGBT rights and religious liberty - Those still celebrating our marriage equality victory are missing out on all of the fun. "Religious liberty" vs. "lgbt equality." Well you know who I AM rooting for (btw a few more retweets wouldn't hurt. hint, hint, hint):
Modern-Day Martin Luthers Show Support for Ousted Gay Methodist Minister - More proof that when the media talks about lgbt issues, they generally let anti-gay evangelicals bogart the issue. They aren't the only folks of faith and a lot of the others actually support the lgbt community.

Gen Con Threatens to Pull $50 Million Convention Out of Indiana If LGBT Protections Are Abandoned - How do I put this . . . . HAHAHAHA!

Rep. Steve King Says Obergefell Ruling Means You Can Marry a Lawnmower - My lawnmower may not be able to sign a marriage certificate, but dag it's got BACK! Just don't turn it on. Like any other spouse, it never shuts up. 

Restaurant Owner Overwhelmed By New Business After Standing Up To An Anti-Gay Bully - I just love a happy ending.