Thursday, January 22, 2015

#TBT - Anita Bryant was not funny

I heard a while back that someone is going to write about the infamous campaign Anita Bryant waged against the lgbt community in the 70s as a comedy.

That would be a slap in the face to lgbt history because Bryant was not funny. She was one of the first to create the vile mixture of Biblical beliefs and horror stories about lgbts. The things she said and the tactics she undertook are still used by the anti-gay right today.

Don't take my word for it. Check out this short interview from the 70s while she was in the midst of her power:

'Why are anti-gay hate groups held to a different standard of legitimacy' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Why Does The New York Times Give Equal Time to a Hate Group? - An excellent question and an excellent argument. However, allow me to throw in an opinion. Anti-gay hate groups are treated differently from religious and racial hate groups because I don't think the lgbt community has made a strong enough case to bring these groups out from the aura of legitimacy which they don't deserve. The Southern Poverty Law Center did the important groundwork.  However, that groundwork is not enough. It is up to the lgbt community via our blogs, our news sources, and our journalists to dig deep and bring a lot of things to light. The actions and tactics of groups like the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, etc. go back over 30 years. Subsequently, we are going to have to overturn every stone - the junk science studies, the false testimonies in front of congressional bodies, the distortion of legitimate research, the constant lie after lie which brazenly conjured up false images of gay men dragging innocent children into bathrooms or deliberately infecting folks with AIDS.  All of these things were done, said, or implied by these so-called morality groups, their spokespeople, and  their supporters.  But as long as our community allows this stuff to stay buried, we will never make the media hold these groups accountable.

Ted Cruz: Courts shouldn’t overturn gay marriage bans - Unbelievable. Why are people ignorant of the Constitution elected to public office? If you think the headline is bad, wait until you read what Cruz is going to attempt in order to "remedy" the situation. 

Starkville aldermen vote to rescind equality resolution - Pay attention to this madness, folks. As we slowly and steadily win the marriage equality fight, our opponents are going to attempt to strip us of basic rights.  

Sponsor Of Most Ridiculous Anti-Trans Legislation In America Tries To Justify It, Hilarity Ensues - I absolutely never thought I would be on the same side as that South Park television show on this issue.

Mike Huckabee & Jim Bakker: Christians Are Second Class Citizens In America - Excuse me but doesn't the majority of Americans consider themselves Christians? Doesn't the majority members of Congress consider themselves Christians? If, taking those two facts into account, Christians are "second class citizens" in America, it's obviously because they are a bunch of wimps.