Monday, July 08, 2013

Religious right spokesman predicts 'rebellion' and 'revolution' over DOMA decision

Have you ever heard someone say something so dumb, so stupid that the only thing you have to do in order to refute it is to just play the comment back? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver on how marriage equality will lead to a "revolution."

'Marriage equality = slavery?' and other Monday midday news briefs

Alan Keyes: Case for Gay Marriage Same as the Case for Slavery - 'Crazy' Alan Keyes is always so good for a slow news day.

 Actually, NOM, nondiscrimination is an American freedom - Someone should tell NOM that baking, wedding planning, and catering are not religious activities and thus are covered under nondiscrimination ordinances. You give them an excuse to discriminate against gays then who's next? Property owners? Restaurants? 

Focus On The Family Cheers Ongoing Ex-Gay Therapy Efforts - Looks like Focus on the Family is trying to sneak away from that under the radar status which has made them virtually invisible on my blog. 

 Wash. Times' Kuhner: LGBT Movement Waging War On Human Nature - Well I certainly didn't get THAT memo.  

Lisa Ling’s Masterpiece On ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth - Apparently Lisa Ling nailed the 'ex-gay' lie.

  How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America - It is a slow news day so what the heck. Might as well do some advertising for my FREE booklet which explains the complexities of anti-gay propaganda in easy-to-understand language.

Family Research Council wants to scare the money from your pockets

In its latest fundraising letter, the Family Research Council left no stone unturned, no fear unexploited, and no lie untold:

I recently wrote you a letter asking you to help FRC seize what I believe is a God-given opportunity -- an open door to stop a rapidly encroaching tyranny in America.

If you haven't yet responded to my letter, I hope you will take a moment to give now.
You see, the scandals that have exploded within the administration of President Barack Obama have the potential to wake up Americans -- and Congress -- to the attack on freedom that is at the core of this administration.

Is it really "tyranny"? You be the judge:
  • American families are being forced by ObamaCare to buy health insurance they don't want . . . and which will lead to rationing for the weak and elderly.
  • Christians are being forced to buy ObamaCare insurance that funds abortion drugs.
  • The IRS has been caught harassing and bullying a growing number of groups, including ministries -- for the "offense" of opposing the Obama agenda.
  • Obama awarded the IRS official in charge of the harassment with a promotion and $103,900 bonus.
  • The Department of Justice has been caught spying on news reporters.
  • The Department of Defense has been caught persecuting Christians.
  • The Department of State has been caught covering up the Benghazi scandal and punishing dissident officials trying to blow the whistle.
  • Federal officials have stated that homosexual rights will supersede religious rights.
That's just a sample -- and why I need you to give now to help FRC stop this tyranny.
We have a God-given opportunity we must seize now . . .

It goes for a few more paragraphs until ending with not a Biblical verse, but telling you where to find a Biblical verse.

Talk about lazy.

You think after spinning all of that fear, FRC would at least tell its followers to do some praying. The organization doesn't even do that.

I miss the days when supposed religious folks didn't try to scare you about the government in order to pull the money from your pockets: