Friday, September 23, 2016

'Out magazine backlash continues over editorial choices' & other Fri. midday news briefs

The Out magazine puff piece of alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos created a backlash.

Journalists Reprimand Out Magazine for Its Journalism - And the controversy grows. WONDERFUL! 

 Three myths about bisexual people debunked to mark Bi Visibility Day - We don't talk about our bisexual brothers and sisters as much as we should.

 Gay teen sues his Catholic school for depriving him of his senior year - Good luck to him, although I'm not sure about the issue about private religious schools unless they are getting tax dollars.
Trans Teen Gives Tear-Jerking Speech After Student’s Ridiculous Complaint - We must never forget that the issue of lgbt equality is important not just for ourselves but for our lgbt kids. What we do helps the next generation.  

Trump Gives Another Gift To Far Right With New Supreme Court List - This involves the lgbt community and it's scary.

Donald Trump's 'Legion of Homophobia' revisited

In light of the news that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has selected the extremely homophobic Rick Santorum to be one of his advisors, I want to repost this list of Trump's other "advisors."  They are to be his "Evangelical Advisory Board," but I call them the "Legion of Homophobia." You can see why:

Trump seems to be calling out almost every "big-name" anti-lgbt activist to help him create policy, should he become president. That should alarm every lgbt in America.