Thursday, February 14, 2019

Family Research Council wants God to overlook all of the lies Trump told about his border wall

Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council wants God to overlook all of the lies Trump told about his border wall.
With all of the known lies Donald Trump has told about his border wall (from the claim that Mexico will pay for it to the false story that it is needed because illegal immigration is a crisis), what does it say about the audacity of the Family Research Council to issue a generic prayer for him in the wake of him possibly issuing a "national emergency" to bypass Congressional approval to pay for it?

From Right Wing Watch:

“Heavenly Father, we have departed far from you as a people, and to the degree we have, we have lost our common sense. We appeal to your mercy, Lord. Grant us time to repent. Save us from our foolishness and mischief. Guide our president and Congress to craft sensible measures to protect our borders, expand and strengthen our border walls, and stop illegal immigration into our country. Lord, even as the ancient Jews pleaded with you to strengthen their gates and the walls of their cities, please strengthen ours. We look to you to be our strength and our security!”

Apparently FRC has the same minuscule amount of respect for God as it does for its supporters.

'Kansas legislators targeting LGBTQ community with a series of 'nasty' and unnecessary bills' & other Thur midday news briefs

These Kansas legislators show their naked homophobia by proposing several awful bills which do nothing but simply target the LGBTQ community.

Kansas bill claims LGBTQ community is a religion to justify every kind of discrimination against it - This right here is some EVIL shit designed specifically to target LGBTQ Americans. That, and our media are so jaded about it, is the problem.

These 7 GOP Lawmakers Just Introduced Some of the Most Vile, Hateful Anti-LGBTQ Legislation We’ve Ever Seen, in Kansas - And these seven folks are behind it. There simply is no reason for this legislation. It doesn't make things better. It simply targets LGBTQ Americans.

Kansas GOP introduces the ‘most vile, hateful & disrespectful’ anti-LGBTQ bills in the country - Yes another article because we need to drill into people's heads just what these bills represent. It is about hatred and homophobia to the lowest regard. 

A rough day in Nebraska: hired gun for antiLGBT Alliance Defending Freedom gets openly mocked in Judiciary Committee hearing - oh sweet! a hate group employee gets his ass handed to him during a Judiciary Committee because the folks questioning him did their homework.

Anti-trans lesbian joins Tucker Carlson as trans-exclusionary radical feminists increasingly align with the right - See this right here is a serious problem. It's easy to falsely claim that you are "debating" an issue when you can control who gets access. Fox News won't have any transgender men and women on its network, but it will feature THIS TRASH.

Photo taken from Towleroad