Friday, August 10, 2018

Human Rights Campaign demanding answers regarding 'religious liberty' task force' & other Fri midday news briefs

HRC wants answers from DOJ and Jeff Sessions about the 'religious liberty' task force.

HRC's Chad Griffin: We're Going After Sessions's Christian Task Force - The Human Rights Campaign has officially submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for all records associated with Jeff Sessions' "religious liberty" task force. Okay, I know some LGBTQs have a negative view of the Human Rights Campaign, but I think in this case, we need all of our ducks in a row.  We can have disagreements, strong disagreements in fact, with each other while at the same time putting forth as much unity as we can. Me personally? I'm not interested at this very point in rehashing problems. We have an out-of-control Attorney General conspiring with anti-LGBTQ hate groups to possibly weaponize the Department of Justice against those fighting said anti-LGBTQ hate groups. I think they deserve more of our ire right now.

Right-wing media pastor and GOP-backed congressional nominee favorably remembered when “homosexuality was once criminalized” - Exhibit A to the first news brief post. This guy is running for a United States House seat. 

Exclusive: Florida Wants To Help Bullied Kids — Unless They’re Gay - To the surprise of no one.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Has ‘Not Been Doing A Very Good Job’ - Really? Uh no shit, girlfriend.