Friday, August 07, 2015

'Anti-gay lawmakers caught attempting WEIRD cover-up of affair' & other Fri midday news briefs

Two anti-gay Michigan lawmakers caught covering up affair in weird manner.

Anti-Gay Lawmakers Caught In Affair, Bizarre Cover-up - From the Department of What the HELL! - Two heterosexual anti-gay lawmakers have been caught not only having an affair, but also attempting to create a rumor that one of them was having a gay affair in order to take the shock off of the revelation of the actual affair when it would be revealed. This is NOT fiction.

Judge Rules Nebraska's Ban On Gay And Lesbian Foster Parents Is Unconstitutional - Yes there are areas which still have this archaic prohibition. Nebraska just stopped becoming one of them. 

 The Most Ironic Moment Of The First Republican Debate, Courtesy Of Rick Santorum - Hold on to something. . .  

The Reaction John Kasich Got For Embracing Gay Marriage Shows How Far The GOP Has Come - Yes there was actually a somewhat pro-lgbt moment at last night's debate. And that "somewhat" is a personal downgrade because it WAS a Republican debate.  

Texas Bakery Kicks Off 'Welcome Everyone' Campaign To Combat Homophobia - THIS is pretty cool! 

Photo courtesy of  The Detroit News

Mike Huckabee insults transgender soldiers during GOP debate

Last night's GOP debate was the slow moving train wreck it was predicted to be. However, the following is the most disgusting moment and it's courtesy of Mike Huckabee (which is no surprise):

The "it's not the place for social experiment" talking point is an old anti-gay talking point usually reserved for gay adoption and parenting. As you can see above, it can be used in any situation to paint a fact about the normalcy of the lgbt community into something odd and dangerously new.

Let me put it this way. Transgender soldiers are already a fact. And they are fighting for our freedoms. Mike Huckabee as president? Now THAT is a dangerous social experiment.