Thursday, February 18, 2016

NYC Public Library has many historical photo treasures of lgbt history

How is this for a "blast from the past?"

Legendary lgbt activist Marsh Johnson picketing outside Bellvue Hospital.

Or this:

1971 - Gay Activist Alliance dance party

According to Unicorn Booty:

 We already told you about the New York Public Library’s newly digitized archives and their upcoming Remix Residency, but we were so overwhelmed by the cool artwork that we overlooked the masses of fascinating LGBTQ content in there. Among its 188,000 items, there are four collections that really stand out: 200 photos of gay and lesbian writers (and their dogs); items from the International Gay Information Center, which ran from 1969-1988; 366 photos of protests, rallies, and other political movements by Diana Davies and, largest of all, over 900 photos from the personal collection of lesbian activists Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen.

The two pictures above are only two of the many posted on Unicorn Booty.

 Go there and see how the lgbt community has changed over decades. . . or remained the same.

'Religious right making ugly war on transgender community' & other Thur. midday news briefs

And Then They Came for Transgender People - My friend Brynn Tannehill breaks it down. What happened in South Dakota is a part of a deliberate plan of anti-gay groups and it's only the beginning of something awful. It's a major reason why I have said for over nine years that the lgbt community AND our allies must do more to focus on these groups and stop letting them dictate the terms of the conversation. No fear, brothers and sisters. This is a war, but of rhetoric and position. If you ain't in the game, go home.

'White-Hot Fury': Anti-Gay Hate Groups on Rise in Wake of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling - The Southern Poverty Law Center just added seven more to its list of anti-gay hate groups. And believe me, they ALL deserve it.  

Texas Conservative Group Makes National Hate Org List - Such as THIS group, and it is a DOOZY!  

Relieved that Scalia can no longer judge us - Respecting the dead and lying about the dead are different things. Scalia had no business on the Supreme Court. And that's solely MY opinion.  

Cruz: 'Disastrous' Marriage Equality Ruling Led To 'Persecution' That's 'Unprecedented' - That howling I keep hearing are the victims of actual persecution. The ones who were tortured, burned at the stake, beaten, and generally executed. And they are all saying, "Is this @!^% kidding?!!" Don't say this man won't be president until AFTER the election is over. Until then, we got work to do.

Six Ways Gays Get People Angry

Strange, probably controversial. But I doubt it's counterproductive.  I found this video this morning and found it to be hilarious. What do you think of this NSFW "pornomedy" by Jason Farone?