Monday, December 31, 2018

'21 LGBTQ celebrity coming-out stories that shaped 2018' & other Mon midday news briefs

Editor's note - barring anything else, this will be my last post of 2018. It's been a wild year which is ending with victories for the LGBTQ community in spite of certain folks . And it's another reminder of why we fight as well as how we should - with no apologies.

Janelle Monae
Here Are 21 LGBTQ Celebrity Coming-Out Stories That Shaped 2018 - I recognize the need for public figures to come out (whenever they can). Positive visibility means so much to us all, particularly our kids.  

Who were the worst politicians of 2018? The list is practically endless.- Especially when we got bozos like these around. 

Google continues to host ex-gay therapy app on its platform - Google . .. we have to have words.

First openly gay man to adopt a child in Canada reveals struggle in memoir - Wonderful memoir. 

 10 LGBTQ ads from 2018 that sold everything from potatoes to shampoo - It's wonderful to have progressed so much that businesses see you as a group needing to be catered to. It is kinda bad in way, but still cool as shit. 

BTW - I have new fans:


Thursday, December 27, 2018

LGBTQ community grabbed many 2018 victories in spite of Trump & religious right

The LGBTQ community had a very trying year with Trump trying to give us hell and various anti-LGBTQ groups and personalities exploiting their proximity to his Administration to rain more nonsense on our heads.But as 2018 closes, it all goes to show that the old saying of "no struggle, no progress" rings true . The adversity the LGBTQ community went through brought out the best in all of us. And while we lost a few minor scrapes, we won huge battles and gained new heroes in all fields. LGBTQNation  breaks it all down in The best things to happen to the LGBTQ people in 2018. While the excerpt below only covers the political spectrum, LGBTQNation covers our victories in a wide variety of areas, including entertainment and sports. The entire list is a much needed ego booster and it proves one thing about the LGBTQ community and those who support and love us - we know how to win the hard way

Colorado voters made history by choosing Jared Polis to become the state’s next governor, making him the first openly gay governor.  
Kate Brown, the nation’s first openly bisexual governor, won her re-election bid in Oregon.  
Kyrsten Sinema won her senatorial bid in Arizona, becoming the first openly bisexual person elected to the US Senate. 
 In Kansas, Sharice Davids became the first Native American lesbian elected to Congress.  
Chris Papas became New Hampshire’s first openly gay congressman.  
Zach Wahls, who defended his lesbian moms in a public hearing on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, won his bid to become an Iowa state senator.  
Kansas governor-elect Laura Kelly affirmed that she would sign an executive order protecting LGBTQ state employees from discrimination once she assumes office.  
Maryland gubernatorial candidate Richard Madaleno made history by sharing a kiss with his husband in a political ad.  
New Hampshire’s legislature passed a bill to ban conversion therapy.  
Maine’s governor also signed a law banning conversion therapy.  
Delaware became the 14th state to ban conversion therapy for minors.  
Massachusetts voters defeated a right-wing bid to strip trans people of civil rights.  
Vermont’s governor signed a bill requiring gender-neutral public bathrooms.  
California passed a law stating that transgender foster youth have a right to “gender-affirming health care and gender-affirming mental health care.” 
 Colorado made history as the first state to issue an intersex birth certificate to a person that is medically accurate.

I am sure there are a lot more LGBTQ victories and I think the LGBTQNation should be given some levity if  there are some you don't see.  Simply go to the article and list it in the comments section. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Trump Administration affiliated hate group tops list of 2018 'Top 10 Biggest Homophobes & Transphobes'

The Advocate recently announced its list of  The 10 Biggest Homophobes and Transphobes of 2018 with the top prize not going to Trump, but an anti-LGBTQ hate group. And not one we would expect.I personally think this is a wonderful choice because it recognizes the simple fact that those who do the most damage to the LGBTQ community are generally hidden in the shadows. It's easy to raise hell at Trump or guess which member of the Family Research Council is secretly gay, but it takes genuine perception to ignore those easy marks and instead, focus on the planners draped in darkness. And when it comes to planners draped in darkness, anti-LGBTQ hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom wins the prize in a landslide:

The year's top Phobie Aware goes to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal nonprofit that specializes in causes important to the religious right. The group represented Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips at the U.S. Supreme Court, winning a measured victory — the court ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which found Philllips guilty of violating the state's anti-discrimination law by refusing to create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, did not show sufficient respect for his religious beliefs. The court, in a decision issued in June of this year (arguments were heard in 2017), therefore vacated the ruling, but it did not approve a broad license to discriminate against LGBTQ people, which is most likely what the ADF wanted. The ADF is still fighting for the right to discriminate. It's asked the Supreme Court to take up cases where ADF is trying to end a Pennsylvania school district's transgender-inclusive restroom policy and advocating for a funeral home's right to fire a trans employee. Oh, and it's got another case involving Masterpiece Cakeshop, for a refusal to make a birthday cake that celebrates a trans woman's gender transition. The ADF contends that the state of Colorado is harassing Philllips by expecting him to obey the anti-discrimination law.

Check out The Advocate's entire list, but note the significance of ADF topping the list.  As the links below demonstrate, ADF's attack on the LGBTQ community goes way beyond supposedly defending "religious liberty."  But now, it can no longer do these things powered by being behind the scenes.

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The extremism of anti-LGBTQ powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom

New Justice Department Spokeswoman Comes From Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

Jeff Sessions consulted Christian right legal group on religious freedom memo

Jeff Sessions Assures Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group They're Okie-Dokie

SPLC refutes Sessions’ comments about hate group designations

Is Alliance Defending Freedom a hate group? Just look at their work.

Friday, December 21, 2018

'Landlord caught on video kicking out a tenant because he's gay' & other Fri midday news briefs

Gotta give the shout first first to my girl Cristan Williams and myself! The Advocate article about our efforts to call out anti-LGBTQ propaganda came out today. We were both featured in the Best of 2018 issue. Thank you to Diane Anderson-Minshall for a wonderful article!

Hateful landlord caught on video kicking out a tenant because he’s gay - We got you! On tape. This is what can happen when we aren't protected by law. The Florida county where this happened has no laws protecting LGBTQs from housing discrimination. The landlord may have broken other laws which could help the young man, but still.

 Defense Sec Mattis Quits, After Going Along With Trump on Trans Ban - The resignation which has sent huge shockwaves in DC. While there may be a need to attack Mattis because of how he went along with Trump's ridiculous trans ban, I think he did it only out of a sense of duty to the presidential office. In truth, I think he may not have been in favor of it and the way it was done underscored the difference of opinion which is the reason for him stepping down.  

Family Research Council: LGBTQ rights shouldn't be protected under law because of children & 'health hazards' - Post from last night which proves that no matter what they claim, religious right opposition to LGBTQ equality is not rooted in fear or an adherence to "religious liberty." It's all about the hate and the demonizing. 

 A push for compromise on LGBTQ protections may tear evangelicals apart - Come on with it.  

The Year LGBTQ Pop Culture Broke Big, But Didn't Make Bank - Just this time. If we didn't make bank this time, we will next time. 

And to make it a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc just in case I don't post again before then .  . . Charlie Brown music and dancing:

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Family Research Council: LGBTQ rights shouldn't be protected under law because of children & 'health hazards'

The Family Research Council implies this as a reason why LGBTQ rights shouldn't be protected under the law.

Today, the Family Research Council published something which more than proves why the organization deserves its SPLC-designated status as a hate group.

FRC not only demonizes the LGBTQ community and portrays us as predators and a health hazard. Via the help of frauds it designates as experts, group publishes distorted research papers aimed at the same goal of stigmatizing the LGBTQ community.

In the latest one, Why "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity" Should Never Be Specially Protected Categories Under the Law, FRC makes the argument that the rights of LGBTQs should not be protected under the law.

On its webpage, FRC said the following about the paper:

In recent years, efforts by LGBT activists to insert "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" 
("SOGI") as specially protected categories in the law have continued at the state and local levels, but they have not made much progress in Congress. 
With Democrats taking over the House in 2019, that may change. We can expect a renewed push for the sweeping and extreme bill called the "Equality Act." Some members of Congress may even respond by proposing an ill-conceived compromise, dubbed "Fairness for All," that combines a SOGI law with limited religious liberty protections. 
 In anticipation of these debates, FRC has already produced a new publication with a concise explanation of Why "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity" Should Never Be Specially Protected Categories Under the Law. Written by Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg, the new Issue Brief explains that SOGI laws are not justified in principle; are invasive and cause tangible harms; and are coercive and cannot be reconciled with religious liberty.

First of all, let's talk about Sprigg. He is no expert He is a failed actor and a pastor who has a history of publishing piss-poor junk-science filled propaganda. I've written extensively on several of his papers and statements including when he said gays should exported from the United States.

'Homophobic note ruins night out with friends in Columbia, SC' & other Thur midday news briefs

A homophobic note left in a takeout bag caused a firestorm in Columbia, SC

A gay man found a note calling him a ‘fag’ in his restaurant takeout bag - In Columbia, SC! Why can't my state make POSITIVE LGBTQ news? Or rather, when we do, folks ignore it. But when something like this happens, look out! 

At least the culprit was fired

With ‘Hometown,’ Brandon Stansell Wants To Remind LGBTQ Country Fans They’re Not Alone - I applaud him for this.  

Trump’s military is discriminating against people living with HIV now, too - When the walls come crashing down on this charlatan, I'm going to take time out of my schedule of reminding how the religious right was up his tookis to dance on the grave of his failed political career. 

 Just one gay acquaintance can change hearts and minds on LGBTQ rights, study finds - I guess in this case, "having a gay friend" is a good thing.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Religious right leader calls harassed trans child a liar

Allen Whitt
Earlier today,  I posted about an incident in which an assistant principal allegedly harassed a transgender boy in a school restroom. As of now, the assistant principal has been suspended.

A West Virginia high school suspended its assistant principal on Tuesday after a transgender student accused him of harassment. 
Liberty High School assistant principal Lee Livengood was suspended with pay following a complaint by sophomore Michael Critchfield, who said Livengood harassed him in a school bathroom last month, according to West Virginia's American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing the child. 
Critchfield, who was assigned female at birth but identifies as male, told ACLU that Livengood approached him in the boys bathroom on Nov. 27, and said: "Why are you in this bathroom?" and "You freak me out."

And the anti-LGBTQ industry aren't happy about it. From fake news site of the American Family Association, One News Now (by way of Right Wing Watch), comes the sad fact that while the anti-LGBTQ industry's propaganda scare tactics on the transgender community mimic its attacks on gay males, the difference is that they don't mind targeting transgender children.

When these so-called morality groups and personalities linked gay men and children, the connotation was always "protecting the innocent children." But with their smearing of the transgender community, they don't mind portraying transgender children themselves as predators. Or liars.

 A religious right group in West Virginia weighed in on the controversy at Liberty High School:

Allen Whitt, president of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, says he is skeptical of the student's claim.  
"Because for those individuals," he says, "especially students who are suffering from the mental diagnosis of gender dysphoria, if someone is prone to lie to themselves about the very nature of their biology, then they will also be likely to lie about other salacious details that may help to further their activism."

So it's not enough for these folks to label our trans kids as predators. They have to call them liars, too?

Just who are the bullies here?  Who are the predators?

'Parents & communities defend Drag Queen Story Hour against naysayers' & other Wed midday news briefs

Drag Queen Story Hour is popular with parents and their children.

Huntington Woods debate: Kill or keep library's Drag Queen Story Hour?

 Councilman faces backlash after criticizing Drag Queen Story Hour

 Science supports Evansville's 'Drag Queen Story Hour'

In Michigan and Indiana communities, some folks "came for" - bared their fangs at - the event known as Drag Queen Story Hour.  They were promptly sent back with heads lowered and the tails between their legs by other members of the community who refused to condemn the event. To the contrary, Drag Queen Story Hour was shown to have mega support.

This Is How LGBT Women's Media Is Fighting Back Against An Anti-Trans Movement - hell yes! That TERF crap has to be exposed and shouted down. I do NOT stand for anyone in our community seeking to dehumanize other brothers and sisters/

Gus Kenworthy burned Trump with a ball culture reference & queer Twitter is here for it - You better believe it. The Orange Menace isn't allowed to say "Paris Is Burning" . . . for any reason.

Denver Mayor Moves To Ban Conversion Therapy For LGBTQ Minors - This is sweet!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A short history of LGBTQ superheroes - We have certainly come a long way

And now a brief change of pace simply because though it's Tuesday, I am slightly burnt out. While I rest up, I want you to check out the above educational and empowering video from six months ago.

While nowhere near fulfilling my dream of seeing an androgynous black gay guy in leader and faux fur who can do karate, shoot big guns and manages to save the Earth while doing both, this video looks at a short evolution of LGBTQ super heroes and exposes the truth about the unknown queer factor in many widely known ones.

For those who say "why is this a big deal, " I have two things to say. If you are a LGBTQ making such a comment, report to National Headquarters immediately. Watching 24 hours of Bette Davis movies or the 1969 Cher movie Chastity and then Cher's appearance on Scooby Doo  back-to-back should reprogram you. Or drive you nuts.

 If you are a heterosexual making such a comment, then just hush. An eight-and-a-half minute video on LGBTQ superheroes won't kill you, especially seeing that you don't even have to watch it. And don't even start with me about stealing the "innocence" of children reading comic books. If your kids can handle the fact that Iron Man is an alcoholic, I doubt the knowledge that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are getting it on will damage them.

'ACLU intervenes for trans high school student allegedly bullied by assistant principal' & other Tue midday news briefs

ACLU intervenes with transgender Liberty High student allegedly bullied by assistant principal -

Critchfield said Livengood continued to harass and intimidate him, ultimately challenging him to use a urinal to prove that he was a boy . .  . 
At the end of the exchange, Mr. Livengood said to Critchfield, “Not going to lie. You freak me out,” in front of the other students and the chaperone,” Critchfield said.

‘You Freak Me Out’: West Virginia Trans Student Says School Official Bullied Him In Bathroom - More details about the incident. For all of the instigation created by claiming trans students are a danger, it seems to be that the dangers are caused by those supposedly trying to "protect" others from these trans students. 

Russian election trolls set up a fake hotline for youth who were coming out - If this doesn't get you angry, check your soul. 

LGBT Youths at Substantially Increased Risk for Attempted Suicide - Can someone PLEASE point out how the anti-LGBTQ industry likes to cite things like this while at the same time undermining programs and things (i.e. GSAs) which would reduce the risk of attempted suicide.

Anti-gay bed & breakfast asks Supreme Court to expand Jim Crow-era provision - Tell me 
AGAIN how homophobia and racism isn't connected . . .

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sen Mike Lee's homophobia latest chapter in religious right's war on EEOC nominee

Chai Feldblum

Hold on to your hula hoops. GOP Sen. Mike Lee is holding up a Trump nominee because she supports LGBTQ equality. Don't faint yet because there is more to the story. So much more, in fact.

From Vox:

Conservative Sen. Mike Lee is taking a lone stand against a Trump nominee, blocking her from joining the office that takes workplace complaints because of her support for LGBTQ rights. 
Lee has argued that the nominee, Chai Feldblum, wants to “use the might of government to stamp out traditional marriage supporters” and called for a nominee “who respects the institution of marriage and religious freedom for all Americans.” 
President Trump put Feldblum in front of the Senate to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal office where Americans can turn for help with complaints about workplace discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, and other factors — including sexual orientation. 
Feldblum, who currently serves as one of the EEOC’s five commissioners, was appointed to the commission by President Barack Obama in 2010 and nominated for another term this year by Trump. 
. . Feldblum is the first openly lesbian commissioner of the EEOC and a longtime advocate for LGBTQ rights. She helped draft the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a proposed (but, as yet, never passed) federal law that would bar employers from discriminating against workers or applicants based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
In a February statement, Lee argued that Feldblum was too radical for the EEOC, casting her as an opponent of religious freedom. Feldblum “has described modern-day politics as a ‘zero-sum game,’ where rights for LGBT Americans are secured only by curtailing the rights of religious Americans,” he wrote, claiming that she opposes all religious exceptions to laws if they infringe on the liberty of LGBTQ people.

Notice that the article said that Feldblum was appointed by Obama. At the time of that appointment, religious right groups and their supporters opposed her to the point of launching an unsuccessful all-out attack by attempting to paint her as a "radical" who supported polygamy.

The most enduring lie they told against Feldblum was in 2009. They claimed she once flippantly said "gays win, Christians lose" when asked a question about anti-discrimination laws affecting evangelical Christians.  The alleged statement "gays win, Christians lose" was refuted by the group Media Matters and revealed in later years to be a truncated distortion created by a former employee of the Family Research Council.

'Trump's new chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is extremely anti-LGBTQ' & other Mon midday news briefs

Mick Mulvaney

Trump’s new chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is extremely anti-LGBT - This is the Trump Administration. Even his gay picks are problematic to the LGBTQ community. However, even so here is a list of Mulvaney's greatest homophobic hits. He was a legislator in my state of SC so I do know Mr. Lips (just look at his face) very well: 

 Mick Mulvaney's greatest homophobic hits, courtesy of GLAAD.

These publicly-funded schools ban pregnant & LGBTQ students. It’s perfectly legal. - Hidden mess like this is a side effect of when the anti-LGBTQ industry is allowed to seize a narrative and make it about supposed anti-Christian discrimination instead of actual anti-LGBTQ discrimination.
Lost LGBT stories explored in Nottingham exhibition - I LOVE this. LGBTQ history 100 years before Stonewall.

 Why does the UK’s latest HIV prevention campaign exclude black and Asian men? - Y'all, we need to talk about this . . .

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bryan Fischer claims he didn't advocate kidnapping children from same-sex households. His tweets disagree.

Bryan Fischer
When giving an example of just how hateful and vindictive some members of the anti-LGBTQ industry are, many LGBTQs - particularly myself - will point to American Family Association personality Bryan Fischer.  Fischer used to be a spokesperson of the group, but he was turned out when his comments finally caused the group a tremendous amount of ire. What could one expect from comments linking gays to the rise of Nazis, claiming that the Constitution only protects Christians, or comparing black people to rabbits.

Fischer is still linked with AFA, from his radio show to published pieces for the group's fake news site,  One News Now. And thanks to that, we can add another adjective to describe Fisher:

Damned liar.

Recently, he recounted the sad story of Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins, a lesbian couple who agreed to raise a child together. Miller decided that she was not a lesbian and sought to keep Jenkins away from the child, Isabella. The two went back and forth in the court system with Jenkins winning the right to see her daughter and eventually gaining custody. However Miller, with the help of members of the anti-LGBTQ industry, fled the country with the child in 2012 and Jenkins has not seen her since.

The situation continues to reverberate. In 2017, religious right activist Philip Zodhiates was sentenced to a three year jail sentence for helping Miller flee the country. Fischer sought to defend Zodhiates' actions as well as his own during the controversy.

..  . a second man, Philip Zodhiates, has been convicted of “an international kidnapping” for his alleged role in helping Lisa’s daughter escape the prison house of lesbianism and make it to safety in Central America.  
 My sympathies are entirely with the now Christian mother who repented of her homosexuality and also with the two Christian men in this circumstance.  
 The left came unhinged and accused me of supporting kidnapping raids on homosexual households to snatch children from their beds.  
 I, of course, have suggested no such thing.

Fischer, of course, is creating a careful deception. While it true, that he never said anything about "supporting kidnapping raids on homosexual households to snatch children from their beds," he said the following:

Fischer can attempt to create a distracting argument about his exact words, but no one should be fooled. He did in fact advocate kidnapping children if they lived in same-sex households.

Nice try, Fischer. But the internet is forever.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Saturday Night Live - What if Jesus came back & saw what was being done in His name?

A while back, Saturday Night Live used to have a animated segment called TV Funhouse. One of the funniest and on point was the video below. It shows what happens if Jesus came back to Earth during Christmas time and took a look at the stuff being done and said in His name.

The video stars Pastor Robert Schuller, Pat Robertson, Rev. Ike, Kathy Lee Gifford, Linus from 'Charlie Brown,' and of course Jesus. It's not necessarily an LGBTQ issue per se, but it is campy and makes a wonderful point.

SNL Real Audio - Jesus Today from David Daly on Vimeo.

'Tax gay sex' author claims that he was merely being satirical' & other Thur midday news briefs

LGBTQ icon and newly announced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Janet Jackson proves that success is the best 'revenge.'

‘I Am a Gay Man’ Reveals Economist Who Says His Call for a Tax on Gay Sex Was ‘Satirical’ - The subject of yesterday's main news brief post is crying foul. Sorry Joseph Sabia It was shitty satire.

This was the piece which got him in trouble - Tax Gay Sex 

NOW, compare THAT "satirical" piece to one of actual satire written by myself years ago - Should white women be teaching children? 

That being said, there are some pushing for Sabia to face being fired from his job as a professor at the University of San Diego. No, y'all. He wrote crappy satire in 2002. That is no justification to fire him. 

Rep. Kennedy leads trans rights meeting as House Dems prepare for majority - THIS I like. Very much so.  

This religious right group forgot which side they’re on in the War on Christmas - Delicious!

Janet Jackson, Radiohead, Stevie Nicks to Be Inducted Into Rock Hall of Fame - Finally, several LGBTQ musical icons got this honor. I'm especially happy for Ms. Jackson, particularly after how former CBS head Les Moonves tried to ruin her career after the SuperBowl nonsense. Success is always the best "revenge."

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hate group president can't hide his organization's history of targeting LGBTQ community

ADF head Michael Farris
A campaign to educate people about the nefarious activities of anti-LGBTQ hate group the Alliance Defending Freedom has its president shook.

The NoGaysAllowed campaign and web page is a group effort by several LGBTQ and progressive organizations exposing the behind-the-scenes efforts of the Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF is an organization named as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its efforts to undermine the rights of LGBTQ Americans and spreading falsehoods, such as the linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia.

The campaign was punctuated by a controversial billboard in Times Square telling people to check out the NoGaysAllowed webpage

Apparently the campaign is very successful because Michael Farris, ADF president, wrote a piece which appeared in the Daily News claiming that it is a cruel and unfair attack. Part of the piece reads as follows:

The site’s primary allegation — that ADF holds “extreme, out-of-touch and dangerous views” and is “trying to force those views on others” — couldn’t be further from the truth. LGBT customers are more than welcome at Masterpiece Cakeshop, for example. The shop’s owner, Jack Phillips — an ADF client — serves everyone, but there are certain messages he won’t express through his custom artwork. 
When a same-sex couple asked for a custom wedding cake for their upcoming ceremony, Jack politely declined. Yet, even though several local shops were willing to create the cake, Jack’s home state of Colorado forced him to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled 7-2 that Colorado had treated Jack with hostility because of his religious views on marriage. 
You don’t have to agree with Jack to see why his win at the Supreme Court is so significant. The court ruled in his case as it had in Obergefell vs. Hodges, the 2015 decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, that the government must respect the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman — which is held by countless Americans from all walks of life. 
Yet groups like Citizens for Transparency and the SPLC gloss over the obvious differences between disagreement and discrimination. Rather than seek to understand the other side of a conversation, the SPLC vilifies any person or group with whom it disagrees.

Farris then proceeds to make personal attacks against certain LGBTQ leaders:

 . . . the group includes Eliza Byard, who serves on the foundation board of Tim Gill, a mega-donor to LGBT causes whose stated mission is to “punish the wicked” who believe marriage is between a man and a woman. 
If “punish the wicked” or the Times Square billboard stunt sounds anything like a conversation-starter to you, I’d urge you to reevaluate before sharing a table with family and friends this holiday season. Conversations aren’t started — they’re ended — by name-calling and willful misrepresentation.

Farris was so busy portraying ADF as the victim that he failed (probably deliberately) to address the specific charges lodged against his group by the NoGaysAllowed campaign.

''Put a tax on gay sex' column from 2002 wrecks GOP anti-minimum wage hearing' & other Wed midday news briefs

Joseph Sabia once wrote a column about taxing gay sex acts.

House GOP cancels anti-minimum wage hearing after learning one of its witnesses wanted to ‘tax homosexual acts - Lawd hammercy! Us LGBTQs have been known to shut stuff down in the past but this is the first time I have ever seen something like this. I will say that in THIS CASE, pulling up past writings, etc is exactly what needed to be done. 

And THIS is the 2002 column by the witness, Joseph Sabia, which caused all of the ruckus. Note all of the Paul Cameronesque distortions about the LGBTQ community. The internet is forever, bitch. 

Simply Having a Gay Straight Alliance Reduces Suicide Risk for All Students - The anti-LGBTQ industry is totally aware of this. That is why they work against these groups. Reducing suicide risks wrecks their talking point of "homosexuality being a dangerous lifestyle." 

Willful ignorance plays a huge part in harming our transgender children - My post from last night. How a vicious tweet about a trans child reveals the final ingredient the anti-LGBTQ industry counts on to undermine LGBTQ equality. 

The G-Listed Presents: Black LGBTQ Power 100 Of 2018 - For ALL of the Hoteps in the back who falsely think that the LGBTQ identity is incompatible with being black (even though I did not make the list THIS YEAR)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Willful ignorance plays a huge part in harming our transgender children

In a post earlier today, I wrote about a controversy involving Peter Vlaming,  a Virginia teacher who was fired for disrespecting a transgender student. I used the controversy to demonstrate how the anti-LGBTQ industry creates and then exploits fears to undermine the LGBTQ community in general.

Unfortunately, I forgot one  ingredient - ignorant adults who attack the transgender community even to the point of making fools of themselves. I apologize to those who may be offended by this exchange, which I snipped from Twitter. I deliberately blotted out the name of the person I was conversing with:

His comments were simply inaccurate and rude. I wouldn't blame anyone for succumbing to the temptation of cursing this man out. However, I took a higher road and simply blitzed him with some facts. Subsequently, he wouldn't converse any longer with me:

Related post - Peter Vlaming controversy demonstrates why we need proper education of trans issues & knowledge of transphobic propaganda tactics

Peter Vlaming controversy demonstrates why we need proper education of trans issues & knowledge of transphobic propaganda tactics

This is why I really despise the Family Research Council and other anti-LGBTQ groups.  The games they play to undermine the LGBTQ community are downright evil and our kids get caught in the middle of it. The tweets above prove this.

This situation involves Peter Vlaming, a Virginia teacher unanimously fired for not respecting a transgender student. However, thanks to FRC and the anti-LGBTQ conservative echo chamber, the teacher is being seen as a martyr by some, including the student protesting his firing.

Follow me now because situations like this are done via steps:

1. The Family Research Council and anti-LGBTQ groups in general bully schools from educating about the transgender community, particularly transgender children. They generally exploit the fears and prejudices and parents.

2. These same groups deliberately back teachers and administrators who get caught into a situation of their own making by refusing to simply follow policy which serves to respect trans students. Such as Vlaming did. The anti-LGBTQ echo chamber strikes again by pumping the story up, portraying the person as  a victim and seizing the narrative, knowing fully well that it being a policy issue, schools cannot generally comment on the situation. If a right-wing legal agency, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom gets involve, the slanted media blitz becomes enormous. The trans child is ignored  or made to look like a predator or a pitied non-entity.

3. All right-wing groups have to do now is sit and an enjoy the intended results of Part 2 and, in this situation, the unintended results of Part 1. According to the article, the students who took part in this protest claimed that their intent is not to attack the trans student in question. However, they fail to realize that by defending Vlaming, they are in fact defending the action which led to his firing, i.e. the disrespect of the transgender student.

And there is another unfortunate result.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Did Trump shut down HIV cure study to appease religious right stance on fetal tissue?

Trump has done the LGBTQ community dirty again.

Editor's note - my apology for no news briefs today. Had to take care of some internal blogging issues.

According to LGBTQNation:

Scientists are speaking out against a directive by the Trump administration that has shut down research into a cure for HIV. 
A scientist who was supposed to supply mice that have been modified with human fetal tissue for an HIV study emailed researchers that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “has directed me to discontinue procuring fetal tissue.” 
“This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV,” he wrote.
A “pause” on research that uses aborted fetal tissue, something Christian conservatives strongly oppose, was announced by the Trump administration this past September. The move will affect numerous biomedical research programs. 
Congressional Republicans have tried to ban all fetal tissue research for years to appease the religious right. 85 Republican House members wrote a letter to the head of the FDA asking for a ban on fetal tissue research shortly before the “pause” was announced.

The entire article should be read and remembered. When the walls do finally coming crashing in on Trump's time in the White House, we really need to make sure that the religious right is somewhere very close in the vicinity.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Celebrities who came out in 2018

With all due respect, I have no patience with those who whine about what's with making a big deal when a celebrity comes out of the closet. I'm too busy thinking of the wasted time I had being fearful of coming out, the relationships I missed, or the dances, semi-formals, and dates I could have had if I had been a bit more courageous.

 I say "hush and let those of us who know what it's all about enjoy it." Granted the list above probably isn't as thorough as it should be, but it's a start of something me and mine wish for - a time when we won't be needing videos like this because coming out will be no big deal. Because there will be no risk.

Friday, December 07, 2018

'Kevin Hart controversy perfect time for debate about homophobia in black community' & other Fri midday news briefs

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart Says He’s Stepped Down From Oscar Hosting Gig Amid Controversy Over Old Tweets - It's the BIG controversy and folks are divided. However, I have something to say a bit different but equally important:

I don't feel comfortable with old tweets and the like being dug up to smear someone or throw dirt on their success. It strikes me as petty and ugly. But I am more disappointed how folks - particularly the black community - are not taking advantage of this situation to discuss homophobia in the black community. I refuse to believe that the black community is more homophobic than other communities, but there are aspects of bigotry within which get ignored.  There is the threat of physical violence, which is present in every community. But indigenous to the black community are covert nuances.  If the situation encompassed white people, everyone's mindset would be about LGBTQs  Hart made those jokes about, particularly the part about him not wanting a gay child. But since it involves black folks, no one seems to notice or care to talk about the specific damage Kevin Hart and those defending him are doing to black gay youth.

From the words and tweets of some folks in the black community defending Kevin Hart, not only are black gay youth being told that wishes against their existence are mere jokes but also defending those making these statements is necessary. And one of the reasons is the problem of racism. Any dig against Hart is a dig against a successful black man from the larger oppressive system, even if the dig began because the black man downed his own people. This is simply because some in the black community refuse to see LGBTQs of color as a vital part of the community in general, except for in ways they define us. And this definition entails an erasure or minimization of our LGBTQ identities.
Some black brothers and sisters are our best friends and claim to have "no problem" with us, until we challenge their notions and beliefs about gender roles and sexuality in the black community. They especially get angry when we demand the respect we are due as LGBTQs of color instead of "black people who just happen to be gay or whatever."

Sister: Step-dad killed 'gay' boy, 10, by dropping him on his head 10 times - Another aspect is this. Some parents are in fact very determined not to have gay children. 

Virginia school fires teacher for not respecting a transgender student - unfortunately this isn't the last we will probably here of this from the religious right. but unlike other situations, the LGBTQ community is on top of this so we will be able to meet whatever distortions groups like the Family Research Council will spin about it. And of course they have already started.  

Janelle MonĂ¡e’s Powerful Response To Grammys Nomination For Album Of The Year - Let's end these news briefs on a happy note. My sister, my sister! Congratulations my sister!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

'Trump's Favorite Things' - Randy Rainbow brutally satirizes Trump again

For all the garbage from Trump and his supporters say about him being a "counter puncher," I've noticed that one person he doesn't dare mix with is Randy Rainbow. And Randy Rainbow has been wrecking him with brilliant satirical songs ever since he came into office. Such as this newest one.

Of course this probably means that Trump isn't as dumb as he is letting on. If he took on Randy Rainbow in a war of words, he would probably end up figuratively flat on his back as soon as it began.

'Anti-LGBTQ industry angry over re-evaluation of flawed anti-trans study' & other Thur midday news briefs

Anti-LGBTQ media and groups have been crying "censorship" as flawed research on trans teens is re-evaluated - Someone came out with a flawed anti-transgender study on teens. A lot of us broke down the flaws (it relied on studies from anti-trans websites), causing the study to be re-evaluated AND members of the anti-LGBTQ industry are whining about "censorship." Awww poor babies. You mad? Stay mad! 

Indiana school banned Gay-Straight Alliance from saying ‘gay’ and ‘LGBT’ - How about "superior awesome folks?" Seriously though thank you ACLU for filing this lawsuit and standing up for our LGBTQ kids.

 'Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters' chosen for inclusion in The Advocate 'Best of 2018' - The post from this morning which I am spotlighting again because it's SUCH wonderful news for this blog. However I will not shy from doing the work which makes this blog a success. No celebration free day today (although I will be listening to Beyonce's 'Formation' from time to time).  

A man who helped kidnap a lesbian’s daughter blames it all on Obama - AND he is going to jail. I haven't forgotten about this tragedy of a case. And the mother still hasn't been reunited with her daughter.

'Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters' chosen for inclusion in The Advocate 'Best of 2018'

When I began this blog in 2006, I simply wanted to call attention to how the anti-LGBTQ industry was harming the LGBTQ community with their usage of lies, junk science, and cherry-picked science.

I never thought that it would receive a great amount of success and attention both nationally and internationally. I never thought that it would even reach one million hits, to say nothing of over six million. I never thought it would receive a GLAAD Media Award out of three nominations.

And I certainly never expected this honor:

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters was chosen for inclusion
 in 'Best of 2018' issue of The Advocate.

I feel blessed whenever all of the hard work put into this blog is recognized. I feel equally blessed because of all of the support I've received over the years from all of you. For that, I say THANK YOU.

This blog is a work created out of anger, frustration, righteous indignation, and lots of tears. Its origins are from many locales, including my childhood, the loneliness of my dorm room and fraternity house at Winthrop University, and especially the Harriet Hancock Community Center here in Columbia, SC

But the work continues. It always does.

 It's my hope that every honor and accolade gives this blog and its focus much needed attention. There is a war going on against LGBTQ equality and it has been for several decades now. Via a facade of religion, evangelical right-wing organizations and personalities have pitted the LGBTQ community and heterosexual people of all faiths against one another by exploiting the Bible, egos, stereotypes, fears, and prejudices.

While claiming to be the preservers of faith, groups like the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation, the American Family Association, etc have freely pushed propaganda making it seem that the LGBTQ community is evil and unhealthy, that we aren't deserving of equality, that we constantly plot to destroy religion, and recruit children.

And it is a lie which needs to be addressed, called out, and picked apart for the nonsense that it is. That's what this blog has done for over 12 years. And that is what this blog will continue to do.

To the right are several of my best posts (The Best of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters Parts1 and 2) over the years detailing and refuting anti-LGBTQ propaganda. They are a cornucopia of information about anti-LGBTQ hate groups, religious right organizations, and their homophobic propaganda.

In addition, check out 'How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.'  It's a free online booklet I published in 2013.

The 'Best of 2018' issue of The Advocate should be out already.  Buy a copy and check out The Advocate online.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Trump Administration refuses to release any information, records about 'religious liberty' task force

The Trump Administration has so many controversies and scandals that it's difficult to keep a count of them all. But the LGBTQ community should recognize the following controversy as one which could reap benefits if we make enough noise about it.

From MetroWeekly:

The Trump administration has refused to release information or records related to its “Religious Liberty Task Force” in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by BuzzFeed News.
The task force, announced in August, was created by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to address religious liberty issues, who argued there was a “dangerous movement” threatening people of faith in this country.

Members of the task force, or advisors to it, are believed to include figures or prominent organizations from within the religious right, including several that oppose LGBTQ rights.

 . . .  Since the announcement of the task force, BuzzFeed and other news outlets have sought information on which groups will be included in the task force or consulted as it attempts to craft certain policies or legislations. But the Trump administration has refused to identify those groups that are serving in an advisory role.

 . . .  And the task force’s actions are under particular scrutiny since the resignation of Sessions, who served as its chair, and the appointment of interim Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who has his own history of anti-LGBTQ statements and activism.

The LGBTQ community is not naive. We know that this bogus task force is merely another way for Trump to stay on the good side of the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and other anti-LGBTQ religious conservatives and personalities.  And particularly in light of the news that former ADF spokesperson Kerri Kupec will now serve as spokesperson at the Justice Department, the Trump Administration's attempt to keep secret any information about the task force is a question we should be loudly demanding an answer about.

'Holidays can be painful for LGBTQ kids' & other Wed midday news briefs

The holidays can be painful for LGBTQ children and teens - An unfortunate facet of homophobia. While the religious right spooks, fundraises, and scares about some 'War on Christmas' mess, their actions and instigations have helped to create a season of sadness for our LGBTQ kids. 

Why the Religious Right Hates Target - Cause Target is too inclusive and nothing raises funds better than some lie about women and children being threatened.

Queer Catholics Condemn Pope’s Claim That Being Gay Has Become ‘Fashionable’ - Give him hell, y'all!  

PETA criticized for comparing ‘anti-animal language’ to homophobia, racism - Come on, PETA. This here is some bullshyte.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

How much were anti-LGBTQ religious evangelicals up Trump's tookis? This much.

Trump as president will be seen by history as an incompetent disaster. You cannot sugarcoat this fact. And whether America's greatest nightmare will be ended by the Russian investigation, plain resignation, loss in re-election or after serving two terms (God help us), I have a hard time believing that nothing Trump does in the future will redeem him.

With that in mind, I have a serious concern because I know that regardless of how it all ends, our community will not take advantage of the perfect opportunity engage in righteous pettiness against those anti-LGBTQ evangelicals.. And that would be a serious shame because whatever path of embarrassment and ruination Trump goes down, they deserve to follow. These right-wing conservative evangelicals supported him as if he were the Second Coming.

And by supporting him, I mean showering him with syrupy pandering praise for every move they benefited from. In addition, and most importantly, they made excuses for him for just about every lie he told, ugly slurs he uttered, or downright cruel or boneheaded decisions he engaged in - and there were a lot. And when they couldn't make excuses for him, they did the "exit stage left" disappearance, i.e. kept a  very low profile so they wouldn't be noticed and asked about his behavior. It was all for the access and power he gave them

So from time to time, I am going to take it upon myself to post reminders of  right-wing conservative evangelicals abandoning the status they like to anoint themselves as religious voices of conscience and opting to dig far up Trump's tookis.

Like so:

'Powerful testimonials tell of being forced to go through 'ex-gay' therapy' & other Tue midday news briefs

Can't Be Converted: Child Abuse in Utah - The Advocate magazine is running a series of testimonials from folks who were forced to go through "ex-gay" or "conversion therapy" in states where it remains legal to be forced on minors. The series, "Can't Be Converted" is powerful stuff. The one spotlit today is from a young lady who was forced to undergo this fraudulent therapy at age 15 when her parents discovered she had a girlfriend. 

Ryan Murphy has a multi-million dollar plan to vote out anti-LGBTQ politicians - I'm all for this but don't be telling everybody. Have some "super villain realness." You think Lex Luthor brags about his plans? 

This woman is suing a Florida prison for thinking she was transgender instead of menopausal - This incident makes me doubly sick. The fact that it happened to her at all is awful enough. But the fact that if she  were transgender, a lot of folks crying foul about the abuse she suffered probably would not care.

Gay cadet discharged after diagnosis fights military HIV ban - Good for him! 

A college football coach of the year recruited openly gay player while others got cold feet - Wow! Not bad at all. A winning player is a winning player.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Judge to Trump Administration's request to lift ruling blocking trans ban - Nope. Sorry. It's not going to happen

Trump Administration can't catch a break in attempt to block trans men & women from military service

When it comes to his ridiculous attempt to ban transgender men and women from serving in the military, Donald Trump keeps striking out. His latest swing-and-a-miss took place Friday.

From The Advocate:

A federal judge Friday refused to reverse or limit her ruling blocking enforcement of Donald Trump’s ban on military service by transgender people.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said the Trump administration, which asked for her injunction against the ban to be lifted, had not proved the government would suffer irreparable harm if the injunction stayed in place, The Hill reports.

Kollar-Kotelly had issued the injunction in October 2017, blocking the ban while a lawsuit against it was heard. Three other federal judges have issued injunctions in the other suits filed against the ban.
“The government had asked for a stay pending any potential, future proceedings in the Supreme Court,” The Hill reports. The administration has asked the high court to hear its appeal of judges’ orders blocking the ban, even before federal appellate courts had weighed in.

“Without supporting evidence, defendants’ bare assertion that the Court’s injunction poses a threat to military readiness is insufficient to overcome the public interest in ensuring that the government does not engage in unconstitutional and discriminatory conduct,” Kollar-Kotelly wrote.