Friday, September 07, 2012

Know Your LGBT History - Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes was always one of my favorite comedians when she was on the Chris Rock Show.

And when she came out during the Proposition 8 fight in California, she became a role model. And trust me, sistas of color need more openly lesbian role models:

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'Zach Wahls rocks Democratic Convention, NOM slanders First Lady' and other Friday midday news briefs

Zach Wahls, son in a same-sex household, refutes the negative lies about same-sex households during his speech at the Democratic National Convention:


NOM and its phony, paid for studies can go to hell. Zach is the reality.

NOM Manipulates Michelle Obama’s Speech For Race-Wedging Purposes - Speaking of NOM, why should we be surprised that the organization is doing this? It has already proven its lack of shame.

 Harvey: 'Seriously Evil' Bill Restricting Ex-Gay Therapy Puts Youth 'At Risk'- Because apparently forcing children to go to fraudulent "ex-gay" therapy which can damage them further is a good thing.

 How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions - This is an AWESOME questionnaire! 

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Lawmaker demands that NFL player Brendan Ayanbadejo be reprimanded for supporting marriage equality

Brendan Ayanbadejo
The National Organization for Marriage likes to spotlight people who are allegedly "attacked" or "persecuted" because they speak out against marriage equality.

But what about those who are attacked because they speak out for marriage equality.

Like Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo. His support of marriage equality has a Maryland lawmaker demanding that he receive a reprimand:

Emmett C. Burns Jr. sent a letter to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, asking for the team to curb Ayanbadejo's support of the issue.

"I find it inconceivable that one of your players, Mr. Brendon Ayanbadejo would publicly endorse Same-Sex marriage, specifically as a Raven Football player. Many of my constituents and your football supporters are appalled and aghast that a member of the Ravens Football Team would step into this controversial divide and try to sway public opinion one way or the other.

"Many of your fans are opposed to such a view and feel it has no place in a sport that is strictly for pride, entertainment and excitement.," Burns wrote. "I believe Mr. Ayanbadejo should concentrate on football and steer clear of dividing the fan base.

"I am requesting that you take the necessary action, as a National Football League Owner, to inhibit such expressions from your employees and that he be ordered to cease and desist such injurious actions. I know of no other NFL player who has done what Mr. Ayanbadejo is doing."

Ayanbadejo isn't backing down. He tweeted the following:

“The fight is not about same sex marriage or interracial marriage or slavery or equal rights for women. The fight is for equality for all!”
Football is just my job it's not who I am. I am an American before anything. And just like every American I have the right to speak!!!

By the way, here is a video of Ayanbadejo supporting marriage equality:

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