Friday, March 25, 2016

News briefs special - North Carolina is so screwed

NC Gov. Pat McCrory is feeling the heat.
Early reports are that due to the ugliness of it's new anti-gay law and the speed in which the legislature passed it, North Carolina is seriously screwed right now. It's being vilified in the press and companies are slowly but surely raising the alarm. And don't count on groups like the Family Research Council being adept at defending the state. FRC has been obscuring the many nasty repercussions of the law, to no avail. NO ONE is fooled.

Businesses Are Joining The Fight Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law - And more are coming. 

North Carolina Gov. McCrory in Hot Seat as Apple, Google, NBA, Many Others Denounce Anti-LGBT Law - And NC Gov. McCrory is feeling the heat. Good.

  North Carolina Gay Bias Law Draws a Sharp Backlash - Not just businesses. The law has caused a HUGE statewide backlash.

 NY Times Editorial Board: Republican-Led Effort To Roll Back LGBT Nondiscrimination Protections "Makes North Carolina Pioneer In Bigotry" - The New York Times blitzed North Carolina with the ferocity of a very pissed off linebacker. It wasn't pretty, which means it was highly enjoyable to folks like me. 

 The Family Research Council omits truth about North Carolina's anti-gay law - And you just know I have to get a good jab in. My piece from last night looks at how the Family Research Council gloats about the law while omitting what it actually does. A little advice, FRC. NO ONE is fooled by the "bathroom predators" and "public safety" junk anymore. The fact that you continue lie about that point only hurts you.  

North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Based on a Total Lie - And the coup de gras. The Daily Beast looks at the "bathroom bill" lie which fueled the law and "unleashes the beast" all over that lie.

Bear in mind that these are early reports. Don't get comfortable. Pressure needs to be kept up. No mercy. No pity. No slack.