Thursday, August 30, 2018

Supreme Court declines to hear case of anti-LGBTQ Catholic foster care agency

The Supreme Court just sent a Catholic agency in Philadelphia a message about its desire to have access to tax dollars while discriminating against gay taxpayers.

Nope, Uh uh. Forget it. It ain't gonna happen.

From Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday declined to force the City of Philadelphia to resume the placement of children in need of foster care with a Catholic agency that refuses to accept gay couples as foster parents. In a decision that Catholic Social Services had said would force its foster care program to close, the justices refused the religious agency's request for an injunction compelling the city to allow it to place children in foster homes while litigation over the dispute continues in lower courts.  
 A spokeswoman for the agency could not immediately be reached for comment.
 In the brief order that did not include any reasoning for the decision, three conservative members of the court, Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch, said they would have granted the agency's request. Five of the nine Supreme Court justices are needed to grant an injunction, but the court is currently one member short since Justice Anthony Kennedy retired at the end of July. The court is split 4-4 between liberal and conservative justices. President Donald Trump has nominated conservative federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy.

Conservative and religious right groups have been steadily attempting to justify why religious foster care and adoption agencies should be allow to discriminate against gays and still have access to tax dollars.  They've emphasized how supposedly children are best served by allowing this to happen. And they've implied that gay are being selfish for wanting to be treated fairly.

But one thing they couldn't do is make the argument as to how it is fair for gay tax dollars to go to entities which discriminate against gays. And that has been their Achilles heel.

Still, as ThinkProgress points out, the fact that three SCOTUS judges were willing to hear this case isn't necessarily a good thing.

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' Is Mike Pence hoping for Trump's collapse' & other Thur midday news briefs

According to a new book, VP Mike Pence thinks God is calling him to be president. Naturally that means hell for the LGBTQ community.

Biographer: Pence thinks God ‘calling him’ to be president- A reminder to those who want the smash and bang approach of impeachment to remove Trump from office. If you don't think Mike Pence isn't waiting for this to happen in wanton anticipation, think again. And what Trump has done to the LGBTQ community is nothing compared to what Pence probably has planned. We have to remember that Trump's removal from office is only part of the solution, particularly for the LGBTQ community.  

Simply a reminder:

Mike Pence’s top seven most homophobic moments (out of many)

A Timeline of Mike Pence’s Discrimination Against the LGBT Community 

Here's What Mike Pence Said on LGBT Issues Over the Years

Illinois Woman Claims She Was Assaulted Inside Retirement Home For Being Gay - Posting on this again because we need to protect all of our people who most vulnerable to homophobic ignorance. If someone has pushed over or spit on this woman in my presence, I would have gotten highly ugly.

Christian Theologian Warns Evangelicals: Trump Will Turn On You ‘In A Moment’ - And I am waiting on that day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

After cheering obstruction of Obama's judicial picks, Heritage Foundation whines about process being 'blood sport'

The right is simply chomping at the bit when thinking about what mayhem they can cause should Trump nominee Brettt Kavanaugh get appointed to SCOTUS.

And yes that includes the damage he could possibly do to LGBTQ equality. A group of progressive and LGBTQ groups have united to stand against Kavanaugh. And the Democrats have raised the alarm that much information regarding Kavanaugh is being kept from them.

Sensing panic, many right-wing and evangelical groups are whining that the Democrats are being needless obstructionists against Kavanaugh. One group in general is the *anti-LGBTQ Heritage Foundation. The organization sent out the following tweet:

With all due respect, the Heritage Foundation is full of shit. The organization seems to forget its behavior when Senate Republicans blocked Merrick Garland, Obama's pick for SCOTUS and other judges Obama wanted to appoint. Allow me to throw out some reminders via commentaries published on the Heritage Foundation's webpage:

Why Republicans Should Not Fold On Garland's Nomination

Behold the Left's Manufactured Hysteria About GOP Obstruction of Judicial Nominees

No More Obama Judges

In other words, after being the "Amen Corner" for GOP obstruction of Obama's Supreme Court pick and justices in general, the Heritage Foundation thinks it can pull the wool over everyone's eyes with the fake call for civility.

Who does that organization think it's kidding?

The Heritage Foundation could care less about wanting a fair process or fair judges. The organization simply wants judges it knows will rule in its favor even before cases come to court. The Heritage Foundation and the conservative right - especially the anti-LGBTQ right - have no justifiable arguments so they work on "gaming the referees." And unfortunately, they have been very successful thus far.

* The Heritage Foundation also employs anti-LGBTQ spokesperson and all-around charlatan Ryan T. Anderson. It also once employ Roger Severino, Trump's present Director of Office of Civil Rights (at Dept. of HHS). While with the Heritage Foundation, Severino had a long history of opposing LGBTQ equality, even defending the discredited "ex-gay" therapy.

'Trump attempting to persuade conservative evangelicals to exploit their pulpits for the GOP' & other Wed midday news briefs

Instead of campaigning on good policies (because he has NONE), Trump is counting on evangelical right-wing pastors to 'persuade' their congregations to get the GOP over in the midterms.

Secret recording catches Trump instructing pastors to campaign for Republicans from the pulpit - And of course the anti-LGBTQ sect will. Folks, there ain't no use in crying about "why isn't this is illegal" because it doesn't matter. Nothing will be done by the law. WE are the ones who must take this mess on and defeat it by voting, getting people to vote, and speaking out on how Trump and conservative evangelicals are weaponizing religion as a tool for grubby materialistic power. Seriously. It's not up to the law to stop this. It's up to us.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe scalds evangelicals for selling out to Trump: ‘They certainly were self-righteous’ about Bill Clinton - And other than our vote, our biggest strength is our mouths. Don't take it for granted that people see right-wing evangelicals as hypocrites. HAMMER THAT POINT repeatedly.

Kathy Griffin burned Milo Yiannopoulos so bad it could’ve scorched his eyebrows - Frivolous, yes. But this is too good. And it's a lesson. Don't let someone make you out for less than you are worth. Always 'handle yo' bizness." 

16 More Iconic Same-Sex Couples Through History - This bullshyte notion that the LGBTQ community knows nothing about love and loyalty is gonna stop, if we have to grab it by the neck, sling it down, and stomp all over it. A reminder for us all, particularly our kids, that it is all about love and that love is never diminished by ignorance. 

California Passes New Bill to Support LGBTQ Seniors - Thank you California!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Trump lies to the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right and they slurp it up like ice cream

Trump can tell the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right anything and they will treat it like 'The Sermon on the Mount.'

In reporting about Trump and the religious right's lovefest at the White House last night, NBC demonstrated just how happy evangelical leaders are with the power being associated with Trump gives them.

He will straight up lie to their faces and they will lap it up like ice cream:

In a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders Monday night, President Donald Trump repeated his debunked claim that he had gotten "rid of" a law forbidding churches and charitable organizations from endorsing political candidates, according to recorded excerpts reviewed by NBC News. 
In fact, the law remains on the books, after efforts to kill it in Congress last year failed. 
 . . . The law that Trump says he got rid of is the so-called Johnson Amendment, a provision inserted into law in 1954 by then-senator and future President Lyndon Johnson of Texas, who was miffed that a conservative nonprofit group was helping his opponent. The law says churches and charities "are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office."
"Now one of the things I'm most proud of is getting rid of the Johnson Amendment," the president said. "That was a disaster for you."  
 The president doesn't have the power to repeal a law — only Congress can do that. The Supreme Court can also rule a law unconstitutional, but that has not happened in this case. In May 2017, Trump signed an executive order that purported to ease enforcement of the Johnson Amendment. But experts — and the American Civil Liberties Union, which opposes repeal of the provision — say the Trump order was basically toothless.

In addition, Trump predicted to them all sorts of violent outcomes if the Democrats win big in the midterms. It's a language they should understand, seeing that many of these evangelical leaders have made similar predictions, continuously claiming mayhem and destruction from on high if LGBTQs got the right to marry, adopt children, be legally free from discrimination, be allowed to serve openly in the Armed Forces, etc. etc.:

At stake in the November midterms, Trump told the audience, are all the gains he has made for conservative Christians. 
"The level of hatred, the level of anger is unbelievable," he said. "Part of it is because of some of the things I've done for you and for me and for my family, but I've done them. … This Nov. 6 election is very much a referendum on not only me, it's a referendum on your religion, it's a referendum on free speech and the First Amendment." 
If the GOP loses, he said, "they will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people."

Nothing to see here. Simply more receipts to collect. While the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right wallow in their power like rutted pigs, those days will end.  And then they will have to assess the costs of how they freely gave away their integrity.

It will be the LGBTQ community holding the bill that they will have to sign.

Trump, anti-LGBTQ evangelical right gather at the White House for ceremony of repulsive mutual buttkissing

Last night, Donald Trump and the religious right desecrated the White House got together at a White House function to celebrate their mutual relationship. At the most, many of us were wishing for a recreation of that scene in The Ten Commandments when Charlton Heston nailed Edgar G. Robinson with the stone tablets, causing hole tin the Earth to open up and swallow him and his followers.

At the very least, we got yet another receipt to cash in with regards to the hypocrisy of the anti-LGBTQ right and how their actions when they have actual power conflict with their virtue signaling words

‘History Will Record The Greatness That You Have Brought For Generations,’ Religious Right Leaders Tell Trump - Apparently the anti-LGBTQ right kissed Trump's butt so hard that they left permanent scars.

‘Spiritual Warfare’: First Family Honors Dozens of Top Anti-Gay Activists at White House ‘State Dinner’ - And they were all there. From those who accused gays of "recruiting" children to those who accused gays of trying to "bankrupt Christians" to those who have made recent and awful remarks about transgender men and women. 

Ivanka Trump Smiles With Pastor Who Thinks Marriage Equality Is Satan’s Work - And the mainstream media noticed. 

In the end, let's not grumble mutually among ourselves. We should be reminding everyone just how vile these people are:

Monday, August 27, 2018

Randy Rainbow enlists 'The Wizard of Oz' to lay the smack down on Donald Trump

And because of this blistering video"If You Ever Got Impeached" (sung to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain" from The Wizard of Oz), I hereby nominated Randy Rainbow as one of the unsung heroes of the Trump years. Then again maybe Randy deserves some type of punishment for branding the image of journalist Jim Acosta twerking into our collective brains.

'Trump to host huge White House event 'honoring' religious right evangelicals while courts keep him from hiding trans ban truth' & other Mon midday news briefs

Trump's pandering to the religious right will do nothing for either's credibility.

‘Like a State Dinner’: Trump to Host Huge White House Event Honoring Evangelical Christians - Unbelievable bull. I have no problem with any dinner honoring religious leaders. But this is Trump and you KNOW the so-called religious leaders he will be honoring, i.e. religious right figures such as that repulsive Robert Jeffress or Tony Perkins. Less about "religious leaders" and more like evangelicals who unabashedly kissed his ass. 

Judge Orders Trump Admin To Produce Documents Related To Transgender Military Ban - Meanwhile, under the noses of everyone, the noose of truth tightens around the neck of the Trump Administration and probably most specifically Vice President Mike Pence. We should get this out in the open because it's one of those issues regarding the LGBTQ community we allow the mainstream to gloss over in spite of its possible impact. There have been rumblings that Pence discarded the advice of military experts and formed a committee of his own with the goal of finagling a reason to keep transgender men and women out of the military. And why? Because the personal malice he holds towards the LGBTQ community. ANOTHER judge has ruled that the Trump Administration must provide documents which may or may not prove this. 

Related post - Mike Pence, Tony Perkins, Ryan Anderson Helped Craft Report On Trump's Trans Military Ban - If this assumption regarding Pence is proven to be true, then it not only brings his credibility to question, but it puts a much needed spotlight on religious right and conservative groups which may have aided Pence, i.e. the work they have done over the years to undermine LGBTQ equality.

3 GOP Governors, 13 Attorneys General Say Title VII Does Not Cover Anti-LGBT Bias - This right here is some nonsense. 

Catholic Charities Of Buffalo Shuts Down Adoptions Over Same-Sex Couples - "Bye, Felicia" for a number of reasons. Particularly what happened in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Top 10 Badass LGBTQ Television Characters

Let's not just ease into Monday. Let's slide into Monday with the speed of a freight train.

Sometimes I feel "all lovey-dovey complete with gentle words, soft music, and sweet smelling rose petals dropping daintily from the sky." But then other times I feel simply like I'm the head queer bitch of the universe, wreaking fire in my wake and soundtrack music of Led Zepplin or Motley Crue hammering at my every step.

With this video of the 10 Top Badass LGBTQ characters on television (past and present), it's easy to guess how I'm feeling right now. And I doubt I'm the only LGBTQ who sometimes feels this way:

Friday, August 24, 2018

Homophobic bigots at Free Republic agree that gay people are having too much sex

The fine bigots at Free Republic have a strange view of the LGBTQ community and the idea that we have lots of sex contributes to it.

After yesterday's posts about a gay Republican's claim that having lots of sex is causing gays to commit suicide, I didn't think I could ever find something that would the insanity it caused.  But I did, unfortunately. I researched to see if anyone actually believes the junk I posted about. I knew it was out there but I had to see for myself. And I found it on a far right post called Free Republic. Some of the comments were ugly and downright mean.

But they were also hilarious in lieu of the fact that the folks there are simply pitiful, mangy children wallowing in their own bigotry while the world changes around them.  I would caution folks to not go there and sign up to post comments because it's very strict. Only the far, far right are allowed. At any rate, I still wouldn't.

I simply look at the site and the folks posting there like I would a sideshow exhibits. Because these nasty bastards are freaks deformed by their homophobia. These are some of the most ridiculous comments. And for the record, I will not be linking to the site. The folks at Free Republic are fun to laugh at, but it doesn't mean they are due any type of respect:

Over 10% of gay men in the USA have had over 1,000 different partners. 
A large portion of the lesbian side matches them. 
. . .anal sex with 2000 random guys 
They are committing suicide against their souls. They are just completing the act. The leftist culture embraces this just like their communism killed off the productive and left the rest to starve.
Rabbits don’t fornicate, they procreate. 
Dedicating one’s life to the practice and promotion of foul and unnatural acts is bad for the mind and bad for the soul. That habitual buggery leads to suicide is unsurprising. 
I’m thinking that anyone who has sex with 1000 partners has not been satisfied by any of them. I’m also thinking sex with a thousand goats, sheep, ponies, knotholes, etc. is just as unsatisfying. Maybe they should try something different. 
Maybe it’s the demonic possession!

They are so pathetic in their homophobia. They definitely need to get laid more.

Seriously though, reading those comments are fun, but they are also educational. We should never rest on our laurels on whatever victories we may receive. Nor should we take for granted that society is more accepting of who we are. There are  . . . anomalies of nastiness out there.  We shouldn't ignore them because exposing them for what they are actually helps us in the long run. I mean who actually wants to hang around dull people like that when there are so many happy and "friendly" gay folks around.

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'Gay Republican blames too much sex for LGBTQ suicide rate' & other Thur midday news briefs

Gays are plotting to destroy Christianity, recruit children, & cause general mayhem . . . while having lots of sex

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Gays are plotting to destroy Christianity, recruit children, & cause general mayhem . . . while having lots of sex

Editor's note - A news brief post I published today went viral. Apparently claims that the suicide rate in the LGBTQ community is due to promiscuity brought everyone out to comment. With that in mind, I wanted to repost part of something I published a few years ago having to do with all of the negative things said about the LGBTQ community. I continue to be amazed how some people can accuse us of so many things without being called to the carpet regarding said claims' huge contradictions:

Gays are sick people:
 Their [gay] minds are perverted, they’re frankly sick people psychologically, mentally, and emotionally.” – Bishop EW Jackson 

 Yet almost all gays make lots of money:

 “You know, I saw yesterday how much -- how much money the homosexual community has. I mean, good gracious, the average homosexual makes four times more than I do . . . I mean, they're not -- these people are not in poverty or hurting or denied or anything else.” – Donald Wildmon, American Family Association 

Gays are only a small part of the population: 

“Relying on three large data sets: the General Social Survey, the National Health and Social Life Survey, and the U.S. census, a recent study in Demography estimates the number of exclusive male homosexuals in the general population at 2.5 percent and exclusive lesbians at 1.4 percent.” – Family Research Council in its inaccurate brief “Homosexuality and Child Abuse” 

'Gay Republican blames too much sex for LGBTQ suicide rate' & other Thur midday news briefs

Gay Republican blames too much sex for LGBTQ suicide because there’s no ‘better time to be gay’ - Many things in the past have made me think suicidal thoughts, but none of them had to do with having TOO much sex. This dipstick claims that he knows people in our community who have had 2,000 sexual partners. Where? In the land of make believe he creates in his bedroom? Sorry but this guy is full of shyte. I DESPISE religious right bull, but I loathe members of my own community who repeat that it. 

Will Miami be the first to elect an out gay African-American lawmaker in Florida? - WOW! That would be nice if it happened.

Gay tennis trailblazer Brian Vahaly: 'I heard homophobia all the time - it was part of the culture' - Sports tend to sometimes make people so vulgarly wannabe macho.

I'm a lesbian basketball player. Hateful comments are pushing people like me out of sports. - Case in point of the last news brief. 

Russian activists receive fines for trying to organize a Pride in St. Petersburg - I admire these folks because they are fighting closer to the fire than most of us. Russia is an ugly place to live if you are gay.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Laughably biased study claims that 'ex-gay' therapy works

Just pitiful.

Religious right groups and spokespeople are pushing a new study which claims that "ex-gay" therapy, or attempts to change one's sexual orientation, are mostly successful. This contradicts the scientific consensus (particularly from the American Psychological Association) that such attempts are dangerous.

Let's get to the facts up- the study is bull. It's pathetically fake and extremely transparent. Just read the article below taken from The Christian Post:

A new study is challenging the American Psychological Association's contention that therapies for unwanted same-sex attraction are harmful. 
The study, "Effects of Therapy on Religious Men Who Have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction," which was first published July 23 in The Linacre Quarterly, finds that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), often derisively called "conversion therapy,"improves the mental health of participants. Researchers surveyed 125 male residents of the United States. The men, mostly Christian, were at various stages of experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction. Some were sexually active while others were abstaining from sex.
Eighty-nine percent of respondents were Christians from a variety of traditions; 13.6 percent identified themselves as "non-denominational Christians"; 5 percent said they were Roman Catholic; 28 percent were Mormons; and 9.6 percent were Jewish. 55 percent of the sample reported that they attended religious services weekly. 
Fifty-four percent of the participants were single; 46 percent were married; and the sample had about the same number of those who were homosexually active as abstainers. Over 80 percent reported they had some degree of depression and suicidality at the beginning of therapy. 
Nearly 70 percent of respondents self-reported "some to much" reduction in their same-sex attraction and their behavior and an increase in their opposite-sex attraction and behavior.

Look where the study was publishedThe Linacre Quarterly. From its webpage:

The Linacre Quarterly is the official journal of the Catholic Medical Association. Continuously published since 1934, The Linacre Quarterly is the oldest journal in existence dedicated to medical ethics. The Linacre Quarterly provides a forum in which faith and reason can be brought to bear on analyzing and resolving ethical issues in health care, with a particular focus on issues in clinical practice and research.

And what about the Catholic Medical Association, which publishes The Linacre Journal? Its mission statement and vision are the following:

Our Mission: The Catholic Medical Association is a national, physician-led community of healthcare professionals that informs, organizes, and inspires its members, in steadfast fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, to uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine.  
 Our Vision: Inspiring Physicians to Imitate Jesus Christ

And what is the Catholic Medical Association's view of homosexuality? Well it's not supportive, that's for sure:

Also, on its webpage, CMA also peddles a pamphlet supporting "ex-gay" therapy.

So from the offset, The Linacre Quarterly is not a journal looking at science from an objective angle because it has a religious bias. And most specifically, the religion in question is anti-gay.  What would have been surprising is The Linacre Quarterly publishing a study supportive of homosexuality.

And what about the credentials of the researchers? The blog The Friendly Atheist points out discrepancies there, too:

“Dolores Ballesteros, PhD, is a retired educational academic at Southern California Seminary.” An educator at a seminary. Not a professional in the field of therapy. 
“Neil E. Whitehead, PhD, is a semi-retired earth scientist at Whitehead Associates.” An earth scientist! Not a professional in the field of therapy. He’s like an art student publishing a supposedly groundbreaking physics paper. Your first and only response should be “Huh?” 
“Paul L. Santero, PhD, is a therapist at Thomas Aquinas Clinic, Encino, California.” Okay, that’s something. Santero is a therapist. Maybe he actually knows something. But what is the Thomas Aquinas Clinic? Turns out it’s a tiny clinic founded by Joseph Nicolosi, the man who is literally known as the father of gay conversion therapy (and who died last year).

Of course none of this matters to the religious right and their supporters. I envision them citing this study numerous times in the future without the courtesy of giving much-needed background information on its origin. They tend to do little deceptive things like that. At any rate, I doubt any member of the APA will lose over this piece of tripe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Randy Rainbow 'praises' Omarosa in brutal & funny parody of 'Oklahoma!'

It was bound to happy sooner or later. Satirist and all-around wizard of talent Randy Rainbow takes on the infamous Omarosa in song. It's as brutal and scary as you would imagine.

'Frontier Airlines suspends pilot pending investigation of threats on 12-year-old transgender girl' & other Tue midday news briefs

Frontier Airlines suspends pilot who threatened a trans kid - Bye, fool!

Just to refresh people's memory, this is the situation - These adults are plotting a hate crime against a transgender 12-year-old 

Because of it, the child and her family are moving - After violent threats, family of transgender girl looks to leave town

How LGBT People — And Their Parents — Are Fighting For Queer Rights In The South - WOW! I love this! 

The Republican who wants to be Pennsylvania’s next governor is open to banning same-sex marriage - It's legal, dumbass. What grounds could you do it on? Who am I kidding? I'm sure the Alliance Defending Freedom is working on creating those grounds.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Four times the Family Research Council falsely connected homosexuality and pedophilia

Statements like this from FRC president Tony Perkins have been absent during the latest Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

In this recent and awful scandal regarding the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, one thing I am glad about is how silent the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right haVE been. That bunch is known for exploiting situations like this to push a  false connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. I'm not stupid enough to think that this is due to them not wanting to. They have done it in the past. Case in point is the Family Research Council. Below, I give four examples of FRC connecting homosexuality and pedophilia, even in light of the fact that researchers and science have said otherwise:

April 2010: Family Research Council accuses gays of pedophilia without any proof - In exploiting a Catholic Church molestation scandal in 2010, FRC head Tony Perkins cites the abstract of a 1988 study in order to blame gay men. But the abstract doesn't prove his point.

December 2010: FRC: Scientists Refuse to Accept Clear “Correlation Between Homosexuality and Pedophilia” - Without any proof to back up their claims, FRC president Tony Perkins and Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg charge that there is a correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia, but scientists refuse to accept it. I should point out that neither Perkins nor Sprigg have a background in science nor have either of them conducted any scientific studies of any type. 
February 2011: Family Research Council pulling the 'gay = promiscuous pedophiles' card to defend DOMA - This is an old tactic which a few religious right groups used in the past to demonize the LGBTQ community -  attacking the concept of marriage equality by citing studies having nothing to do with marriage equality. And what's worse, they would cherry pick the study they cite.  In this case, FRC  distorted a study on child molestation and another on casual gay relationships and HIV in the Netherlands.  
 February 2013: Perkins: ‘Ironic’ That Critics of Pedophilia in Catholic Church Want Boy Scouts to Lift Gay Ban - Again exploiting the scandal of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, FRC president Tony Perkins accuses gays of wanting to be involved in the Boy Scouts to have "influence" on "impressionable children."

What's probably different this time is FRC's nauseatingly cozy relationship with the Trump Administration. For fear of losing this relationship,  FRC is most likely downplaying any claims by the Southern Poverty Law Center that it's a hate group determined to undermine LGBTQ equality.  This means no succumbing to the temptation of exploiting a scandal to paint gay men as sexually abusive monsters.

That's all well and good, FRC. But you can't run away from your past.

Graphic of Tony Perkins taken from Gay Central Valley

News brief special - American Catholics attempting to blame the LGBTQ community for major child sex abuse scandal

William Donohue is one of the American Catholic leaders attempting to blame the latest child molestation scandal on gays. 

Scathing report reveals 300 Pennsylvania Catholic priests sexually abused over 1,000 children - THIS is a goddamn disgrace. And why not exacerbate this mess by blaming the LGBTQ community.

Catholic Cardinal: ‘Homosexual culture’ is to blame for child rape - Oh yeah there it is.

American Catholic leaders blame the Pennsylvania sex abuse scandal on gays - We've seen it before.

Cardinal blames ‘homosexual culture’ for Catholic Church’s child sex abuse problem - More details about this bullshit.

For those who NEED education on how homosexuality and pedophilia are in no way related or correlated: 

Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation

Homosexuality and Pedophila: The False Link

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Myth of the Gay Pedophile

Hate group quietly working to shut the LGBTQ community out of every aspect of public life

How do we know that the Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group? Simply take a look at some of the cases it has defended in front of the courts.

Zack Ford of ThinkProgress did and this is what he found:

When the SPLC designated ADF an anti-LGBTQ hate group, it published a thoroughly researched document outlining the many reasons it had earned that designation, notably including its support for criminalizing homosexuality in the U.S. and abroad. Last month, Media Matters released an even more comprehensive report cataloging ADF’s history of extreme, demonizing rhetoric directed towards the LGBTQ community. But ADF’s work also speaks for itself. 
ThinkProgress surveyed approximately 30 of the group’s current and most recent court cases and found a desire to shut LGBTQ people out of almost every aspect of public life.

In cases involving employment discrimination, the so-called right to discriminate specifically against the LGBTQ community, and attacks on transgender students in high schools, ADF has taken the lead in arguing for the point of view which would reduce the rights of the LGBTQ community and expose trans youth to danger. Particularly in the case of trans youth, ADF heavily pushes the false idea that they are a danger to other students:

 . . . when the Obama Justice Department sued North Carolina for enforcing its discriminatory HB2 law, ADF countersued on behalf an anonymous coalition of parents and students called “North Carolinians for Privacy.” They argued that the courts should rule against the federal government because “the female University Students are deeply concerned that allowing biological male students into their private facilities increases the likelihood that they will be assaulted or otherwise victimized.” 
This fear-mongering — that trans kids are inherently a threat to their peers — has been at the core of their other cases: 
Doe v. Boyertown Area School District, where ADF represented a group of parents and students challenging a Pennsylvania school’s transgender-inclusive policy. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled against ADF this summer. 
Maday v. Township High School District 211 and Students and Parents for Privacy v. United States Department of Education, a pair of cases in which ADF represented a group of parents challenging an Illinois school’s policy respecting transgender students. A federal judge denied ADF a preliminary injunction in December and the case is ongoing. 
Board of Education of the Highland Local School District v. United States Department of Education, in which ADF represented an Ohio school that refused to accommodate a transgender student. After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit agreed with a federal judge to protect the transgender student, the case was later dismissed after mediation. 
Privacy Matters v. United States Department of Education, in which ADF represented parents who objected to a transgender student at their Minnesota school. Curiously, ADF dropped the case after the Trump administration rescinded the guidance protecting transgender students, even though the school’s policies didn’t change. 
These cases do not account for the work ADF does spreading anti-trans propaganda in local church communities, peddling an anti-trans model policy to schools, drafting state legislation similar to HB2 to impose such policies writ large, and sending schools legal threats for having inclusive policies or disciplining anti-trans teachers.

Ford also said that even in cases in which ADF doesn't take the lead, it finds a way to interject:

Even when ADF isn’t the lead counsel on a case related to LGBTQ issues, it often finds a way to shoehorn in by representing groups who file amicus briefs (“friend of the court” briefs) in these cases. This gives ADF another opportunity to advocate against LGBTQ legal equality, and they even list these cases on their website as if they’re actually a party to them.

You can read Ford's entire article here. It is imperative that the LGBTQ community educate ourselves and others on the Alliance Defending Freedom or it will succeed in its goal of shutting us out.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Latest court victory brings us closer to discovering who was actually behind Trump's trans ban

Latest ruling against Trump's trans ban could ensnare the anti-LGBT right.
Amidst all of the nonsense of the latest Trump Administration scandal, a ruling took place this week which probably means further doom for Trump's nonsensical ban of transgender troops. What makes this ruling extra special is that it has the potential to wreak havoc on the anti-LGBTQ right.

From NBC News:

A federal judge in Maryland has denied an effort by President Donald J. Trump's administration to shield information it used to implement a ban on transgender people in the military. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the administration on behalf of a dozen transgender people who are currently serving or want to serve in the armed forces. U.S. Magistrate Judge A. David Copperthite ruled Tuesday that the documents are relevant to the administration's intent. He says whether the ban was for military purposes or for purely political and discriminatory purposes "is at the very heart of this litigation." The ACLU contends the ban violates the constitutional guarantees of equal protection and substantive due process by singling out transgender individuals for unequal and discriminatory treatment. 
The lawsuit is one of several challenging a ban that Trump announced on Twitter on July 26, 2017, citing “consultation with my Generals and military experts” and the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” of transgender service members.

'LGBTQ parents running for public office in high number, long live Aretha Franklin,' & other Thur midday news briefs

Editor's note - two things will be accomplished by today's news briefs. First, the usual postings. And also a tribute to one of the greats as she transitioned to her eternal reward - Aretha Franklin.

More than 2 Dozen LGBTQ Parents Running for Office in 2018 - One aspect of LGBTQ primary victories which should be noted. LGBTQ parents were also the big victors. From a good friend of mine and fellow GLAAD Media Award recipient Mombian is the list. When they decide laws regarding our families, these folks want to be on the front lines to give us a voice. THAT is one aspect of how we win and secure the future for ourselves, our families, and especially our children.

Researchers Find Transgender Veterans Are as Healthy as Their Cisgender Peers - Yep. And a recent ruling brings us closer to a goal of mine. Hopefully if all goes well, I will post it this afternoon.

The bizarre way Texas conservatives are fighting against marriage equality - That's why we need more of us in the Texas legislature and other legislatures across the country. 

Global backlash against gay conversion therapy gathers pace - BOOM! 

 And today, the world is saddened over the passing of the legendary Miss Aretha Franklin. True story - the first album I could remember listening to was her 1976 album Sparkle. Specifically as a gay black man, Aretha always touched my heart with her enduring talent, loving nature, and attention to style. It was truly "all about the music" to her, which was why she endured all of these years. All of the tributes, every one of them much deserved, will come in the next days. Allow me to give my own little one.

REST IN POWER: Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin dies at 76 

Aretha Franklin, The Undisputed ‘Queen Of Soul,’ Dead At 76

31 Photos To Commemorate Aretha Franklin’s Life And Music

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Will the Nov midterms also see a 'rainbow wave' of elected officials?

The LGBTQ community can make huge steps forward in the upcoming midterm elections.

Some people are predicting a "blue wave" in the November midterms, i.e. the idea that the Democratic party will benefit greatly from Trump's many missteps and get control of the House of Representatives and maybe the Senate.

I say folks should concentrate on making this happen instead of predicting. There is so much at stake. And now it's looking like the LGBTQ community could be a huge part of that.

According to the Democratic National Committee, there are more LGBTQ candidates running for office in November than ever before and all under the Democratic banner. There will be:

11 LGBTQ people for statewide office This includes 4 for governor (CO, OR, TX and VT), each of whom represents a different segment of the LGBTQ community.

13 LGBTQ people for federal office in both houses of Congress

All in all, LGBTQ folks are running for office in 23 states as diverse as:

'LGBTQ candidates win big in primaries, four will be running in gubernatorial races' & other Wed midday news briefs

Will Christine Hallquist be the first transgender American to become a governor?

LGBTQ candidates are on the ballot nationwide for governor in 2018 - The LGBTQ community were the big winners in last night primary races:

 The LGBT Democratic candidates who have won their primaries for governor include: 
 Lupe Valdez, a lesbian woman running in Texas. 
 Jared Polis, a gay man running in Colorado.
 Kate Brown, a bisexual woman who's the incumbent governor of Oregon. 
 Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman running in Vermont.


Progressive Christine Hallquist becomes 1st transgender gubernatorial nominee for major party

First Openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin to Face Anti-LGBTQ Challenger Leah Vukmir in U.S. Senate Race - It's going to be a nasty shootout in Wisconsin because the GOP is thirsty for this seat. 

 Fox & Friends host refers to Christine Hallquist, history-making gubernatorial candidate, as "that transgender" - A view from the other side . . . 

 which is why I'm going to have like the stereotypical bitchy queen here. All of this "history being made" is nice but it's better that we celebrate after it's all over. We still have a long way to go before the actual mid-term elections and fighting the mess Trump is making in our community in general. In other words, it means more to be in the winner's circle or closer to our goals then celebrating because we are only halfway there. 

In other news:

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner sues after refusing to make a birthday cake for a trans woman - Look who is in the courts again. And HE is the one suing. Although I doubt he will be successful this time.

Wave of support for transgender 12-year-old who parents threatened to castrate - The fact that some people felt the need to threaten a 12-year-old child in the first place is a damn shame.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pat Robertson claims 'Drag Queen Story Hour' is going to bring God's 'judgment' on America

Drag Queen Story  Hour is an event which has been taking place  across America for a long time now. It's when drag queens read stories to young children in order to encourage inclusiveness and tolerance.

And while religious right groups have been attacking repeatedly it, they really have no ground to stand on because Drag Queen Story Hour is very popular with children and their parents, who of course have to give their permission for their children to attend. And sometimes these parents also attend and enjoy themselves.

Still, that doesn't keep religious right and anti-LGBTQ personalities like 'The 700 Club' host Pat Robertson from raging about it. Geez, Pat Roberson is so decrepit here that you can practically see the dust coming out of his mouth. It's like watching a religious right version of 'The Mummy.'

Yes, what I said was cruel and I almost didn't want to post this.  But then I remember when I was young and trying to come out, how watching 'The 700 Club' and Pat Robertson attack LGBTQs made me feel so awful.  I don't consider this a revenge post, but a simple reminder about whose time it is right now.

Lastly on that same note, it seems to me that if God was going to "judge" America, I think He would be looking at things other than drag queen reading books to children and their parents. Such as a certain Orange Menace populating the White House who steals children from their parents and puts them in cages and generally wrecking the integrity of this country.

Hat tip - Right Wing Watch

'Trump Administration weaponizes religion to allow federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBTQ community' & other Tue midday news briefs

It's becoming apparent that Trump probably rubbed  his butt with this flag after the picture was taken. That's what he has done to the LGBTQ community in general since taking office.

New Trump administration directive lets federal contractors discriminate against LGBT people – for Jesus - The Trump Administration weaponizes religion to discriminate against the LGBTQ community again. So now on the basis of "religious liberty" the Trump Administration is allowing federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. If anything, this makes the argument against the Log Cabin Republicans & other LGBTQ Trump supporters. They supported Trump but aren't pushing back against the myriad ways he is dogging our community. A political group with ACTUAL political power would do that instead of acting like it is in an abusive relationship making excuses for their partner and attacking those who try to make them see the truth. The truth in this case being Trump don't give a damn about us.

Labor Department becomes latest Trump agency to take interest in ‘religious freedom’ - More on this insanity and it brings up a point. "Religious liberty," or the weaponization of religion as a tool for anti-LGBTQ discrimination is making its way through U.S. agencies like a virus. I smell the noxious odor of Mike Pence in this. 

Trump Admin Upholds Religious Freedom for Federal Contractors - And from the other side of the coin - the wrong side - how this issue is playing in the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right community.

'Not scared': Russian teen charged under 'gay propaganda' law says he'll keep protesting - In Russia with his life clearly in danger. This young man is bravery personified.

Liberty Counsel Claims Victory In Scott Lively’s Embarrassing Defeat - "Bitches gotta fundraise."

Monday, August 13, 2018

Jeff Sessions' support of anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom condemned in blistering video

I have to give props to the Human Rights Campaign for this video which blasts Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his support of anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom. It's a wonderful way to keep attention focused on this issue, with us controlling the narrative.

 For more information as to why the Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group, read these links:


The extremism of anti-LGBTQ powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom

The many ways Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting against transgender student equality

Masterpiece Cakeshop was just the beginning. ADF is pushing several other license-to-discriminate cases through the courts.

Alliance Defending Freedom is working to keep LGBTQ people from adopting children

'Landscaper denies service to gay couple, then trolls them online' & other Mon midday news briefs

Landscaper denies service to ‘perverse’ gay couple and trolls them on Yelp - What a landscaper did to a gay couple is mess which cannot and shouldn't be hidden or obscured by claims of personally held religious beliefs. But it can be an aspect of the future if anti-LGBTQ groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom has anything to say about it. 

Scott Lively Loses Appeal To Reword Judge’s Ruling That Calls Him Abhorrent, Pathetic, And A Crackpot Bigot - No matter how bad things may seem, I will always be comforted by the fact that a nasty, homophobic bigot can't change the facts about him being a nasty, homophobic bigot.

These adults are plotting a hate crime against a transgender 12-year-old - This right here is a nasty shame.

Straight British Comic Jack Whitehall is Playing Disney’s First Openly Gay Character and People are Pissed - A fascinating debate which didn't start with this and certainly won't end with it. I'm highly undecided about this sort of thing, except for when it comes to the transgender community. I can see where the transgender community is coming from about anger over not getting trans actors to portray trans characters.

Ruby Rose Leaves Twitter After ‘Batwoman’ Critics Say She’s Not Gay Enough - But I'm generally undecided because of mess like this.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Human Rights Campaign demanding answers regarding 'religious liberty' task force' & other Fri midday news briefs

HRC wants answers from DOJ and Jeff Sessions about the 'religious liberty' task force.

HRC's Chad Griffin: We're Going After Sessions's Christian Task Force - The Human Rights Campaign has officially submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for all records associated with Jeff Sessions' "religious liberty" task force. Okay, I know some LGBTQs have a negative view of the Human Rights Campaign, but I think in this case, we need all of our ducks in a row.  We can have disagreements, strong disagreements in fact, with each other while at the same time putting forth as much unity as we can. Me personally? I'm not interested at this very point in rehashing problems. We have an out-of-control Attorney General conspiring with anti-LGBTQ hate groups to possibly weaponize the Department of Justice against those fighting said anti-LGBTQ hate groups. I think they deserve more of our ire right now.

Right-wing media pastor and GOP-backed congressional nominee favorably remembered when “homosexuality was once criminalized” - Exhibit A to the first news brief post. This guy is running for a United States House seat. 

Exclusive: Florida Wants To Help Bullied Kids — Unless They’re Gay - To the surprise of no one.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Has ‘Not Been Doing A Very Good Job’ - Really? Uh no shit, girlfriend.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Jeff Sessions insists Alliance Defending Freedom not a hate group in spite of extensive proof which says otherwise

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (top) insist that the Alliance Defending Freedom (logo at the bottom) is not a hate group in spite of extensive proof which says otherwise.

Wednesday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he does not believe that the Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group even though it has been proven that, among other things, the group has falsely conflated homosexuality with pedophilia and worked to imprison gays in foreign countries simply for being gay.

Sessions said these comments during a speech at the ADF's Summit for Religious Liberty. He also blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center, the organization giving ADF the designation:

"I wanted to come back here tonight partially because I wanted to say this: You are not a hate group," Sessions told attendees (video below) at the ADF's Summit on Religious Liberty, as Towleroad reports. 
 "When I spoke to ADF last year, I learned that the Southern Poverty Law Center had classified ADF as a ‘hate group.’ Many in the media simply parroted that as a fact," Sessions charged. "They have used this designation as a weapon and they have wielded it against conservative organizations that refuse to accept their orthodoxy and choose instead to speak for their conscience and their beliefs. They use it to bully and intimidate groups that fight for religious freedom, these constitutional rights of the American people."

Via  his speech, Sessions performed the modus operandi of ADF and other religious right groups which SPLC have called out, i.e. playing the victim and using the "religious liberty" card in hopes of diverting attention from what caused them to be labeled as hate groups in the first place.

In the case of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the organization has a long history of demonizing the LGBTQ  community, working to undermine LGBTQ equality, and using the force of the law against the LGBTQ community. In his speech, Sessions claimed that SPLC has no proof to back up its claim that ADF is a hate group.

He lied.

SPLC has extensively documented research from the time of the Alliance Defending Freedom's founding to the present, making sure to point the numerous times the group attacked the LGBTQ community.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hypocrisy and deliberate paranoia defined - Franklin Graham when marriage equality was legalized

As nauseating as the following the video is, there is so much to unpack from this Fox News interview which Todd Starnes conducts with Franklin Graham. It took place three years ago  when marriage equality was legalized.

Three interesting points to make:

1. No pastors have been attacked, put in jail, or forced to perform gay weddings. Of course we knew that wasn't going to happen.

2. The idea of gays targeting so-called Christian businesses was definitely a narrative created by folks like Graham way before all of this ado about "religious liberty." It was, and still remains a way to cover up their sour grapes over the fact that they lost the marriage equality fight.. On the whole, however, that fearmongering about marriage equality bringing in anti-Christian persecution was bull. Of course Starnes and Graham most likely knew that at the time.

3. It's amazing how Franklin Graham went from "America has a moral crisis" back then to the now excuses of Donald Trump isn't "president perfect" and his extramarital affairs are "no one's business." 

Apparently a little power brings out the hypocrisy in some people.

'SPLC refutes Jeff Sessions and his 'religious liberty' task force' & other Wed midday news briefs

Richard Cohen of  SPLC
SPLC refutes Sessions’ comments about hate group designations - When Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his "religious liberty" task force, he made veiled comments attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center for designating several religious right groups as anti-LGBTQ hate group. Earlier week, SPLC president Richard Cohen responded with a two page letter to Sessions which basically says (and pardon the vernacular) "ain't nobody scared of you or your ratchet task force."

You can read the letter here. 

From the archives - 16 reasons why the Family Research Council is a hate group - And because I'm an evil little queen who has been itching for a fight about this issue LONG BEFORE the Southern Poverty Law Center began naming certain religious right organizations as hate groups, here is a post I published in 2011. 

Christine Hallquist May Become America’s First Openly Transgender Governor - Oh! This would be sweet! 

A Republican Lawmaker Seeking Reelection Once Compared Gay People To "Rapists" And Other Criminals - Lovely . . . 

16-year-old is first minor prosecuted by Russian 'anti-gay propaganda' laws - Remember when Franklin Graham said he supported these laws because it would keep gays from "recruiting" children?