Monday, November 02, 2020

Supercut video reveals how Melania and Tiffany Trump are attempting to gaslight LGBTQ people into supporting duplicitous Donald

Tiffany Trump is trying to trick LGBTQ people into supporting her father.

No doubt, I have been driving people crazy with my posts about the election and for that I apologize. But to me, this is strangest, most off-the-wall, most crucial presidential election I can remember. This has to be the first election in which LGBTQ people being simultaneously scapegoated and gaslit by the same side. While conservatives and Republicans are attempting to scare voters with lies about the so-called evils of homosexuality and eight-year-old trans children undergoing surgery, Melania and Tiffany Trump are assuring us that Donald Trump is our best friend.  And some idiots are attempting to make us fall for it.

But there is always truth which cannot be hidden and "receipts" that are always kept. This wonderful supercut video from The Recount speaks for itself:

What else there left to be said except for get out there and vote. LGBTQ safety, rights, and future depends upon it. 

'Lindsey Graham makes anti-LGBTQ comments hailing 'traditional family structure'' & other Mon midday news briefs

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Graham makes anti-LGBTQ comments hailing ‘traditional family structure’
 - WHICH is the epitome of irony. Graham is in the fight of his life. Regardless of how it may end, he will learn this electoral season.

Our Activism Can't End With the Presidential Election - So true, no matter who wins. It's not just about the election because the work needs to continue.